Virtues Light The Path

Citizen Do Good celebrates the virtues of self-rule and the freedoms that establish our common ground.

Understanding that the United States is the only land where the rights necessary to be free are promised, under law, to ring true for all humans under the jurisdiction of our republic. From the highest peaks to the lowest cofferdam. This idea must be treated with dignity and respect and not taken for granted in order to come to fruition.

We all have a solemn obligation to faithfully discharge the duties that come with keeping our republic so that we can fulfill and defend our rights to be free people.

After all, freedom is not free. It requires engagement, determination, vigilance, grit, and care. 

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Accept our duty to uphold the constitution as the unifying fabric of the republic. Learn more About Our Duty.


Bear the honor of being trusted with the fate of one united republic against all enemies. Learn more About Our Honor.


Resolute that freedom is best maintained when we are vigilant. Learn more About Our Freedom.


An intrinsic love for self-rule

Caring for what’s in common

Citizen Do Good and its supporters are chiefly concerned with the following goals:

  • Inspiring our fellow Americans to get awed, learned, and engaged with the experimental promise of self-governance.
  • Confronting difficult conversations on topics affecting our lives and society at large.
  • Providing a forum for citizens to access resources and connect on issues that matter to their freedom.
  • Promoting the value of critical thought, credible challenge, and cogent on-topic debate aimed at building a more perfect union.
  • Ensuring that people hear about Citizen Do Good and its mission.
  • Learn more About Self-Rule.


Podcasting for what’s in common

Where Citizen Do Good et al. discuss the topics of the day

The arduous work of charting a new path to freedom for humans on this planet will partly be the focus of our new podcast. Time is overdue for a political revolution and we are fully committed to ushering in a more perfect union.

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