Cast of Characters

Citizen Prerogative’s Cast of Characters

This page is dedicated to the recurring voices on the Citizens Prerogative Podcast.



Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP)


Just another human living its century on the soiled crust of a rock hurtling through space. I firmly believe that good begets good and that bad happens. That the most powerful, loving, and restorative thing to do is pay good forward. That as a species, we make it the furthest when we’re at our best and we’re at our best, time and again, when we cooperate.

There is no promise too big to fulfill if we work together to make it so.

Life ends up being too short, so live your best and fight to live better every day.

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Raymond Wong Jr. (RWJ)

We are all graced with the presence of a co-host who’s passion for our republic proceeds him wherever he goes.

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