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Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP)

“My story is very American in my mind. I grew up from humble working-class roots, weathered through the adversity of stigma, and survived by learning what I could in due time through the kindness of a few. I have much to be grateful for and never cease the march towards betterment.”

-Michael V. Piscitelli

To make a long story short…

Just another human living its century on the soiled crust of a rock hurtling through space. For a long time in my youth, some of my fondest memories were actually figments of my imagination inspired by Star Trek. It inspired feelings of existential precariousness for our species and a joyful indulgence in our potential.

A moment of deepest sadness washed over me when I realized that stepping foot on a starship in my lifetime was unlikely. At least we can hope to see a trans-Mars injection (TMI) occur in our time and have people leave for Mars. Earth is still our only best hope for survival and thanks-to-knowledge we’re a smart enough species to understand that by now.

I firmly believe that good begets good and that bad happens. That the most powerful, loving, and restorative thing to do is pay good forward. That as a species, we make it the furthest when we’re at our best and we’re at our best when we cooperate. There is no promise too big to fulfill if we work together to make it so.

Despite my descendants coming from southern Europe, we were considered white among the races by the time I was growing up. The people of my community were all working-class and identified as Italian Roman Catholic, always the three words together and never separately. We lived in Southern New England and I was coming of age there during the eighties and nineties. That experience imparted in me a certain fear of being gay and a wariness of using logical speech openly or in any forceful way.

Thank goodness I lived in a country ruled by laws and with separation of church from the state. This proved to be an important light at the end of the tunnel that was not a train! As an unemancipated dependent, I grew keenly aware of when and how much speech to use. With great freedom, came great responsibility.

Moving to Arizona was an opportunity for me to sample the state of diversity and freedom of thought in our nation. The ranges are wide and plenty, from logic to conspiracy and illogic to occult and beyond. Shortly after starting at a new school, I insulted someone by insinuating our faith traditions were similar. She self-identified as a Christian and would not allow me to associate her religion with the likes of Catholicism. I had never considered the differences before and have learned about many religions since. After all, blind spots can be quite dangerous. It was shortly after that fateful event that I met Ray Wong Jr., who you may know.  😉

First priority, at the ripe age of fifteen, was to support myself and I have been working a W2 job ever since. It was there in the east valley near Phoenix where Ray and I both began our careers. I took a liking to financial services which lead to a career spanning decades.

Many hats have adorned my head, with experience in operational execution, information systems, and project management to round things out. My choice early on was to delay school and earn money; moving up through pay ranks was my priority. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree on the side, working through it slowly over almost a decade and a half, paying it off as I went along.

I moved my work and schooling to Oz (a.k.a. Northern California) after more than a decade in the desert. This is where I met my better half and have been living for more than a dozen years.

The time since COVID-19 has spurred me to lead the launch of Citizens Prerogative and begin taking action on other projects. Having sat in quarantine, witnessing the promise for a better future continue to be set up for failure, my resolve to keep taking action has been cemented. There is no time like the present for uncomfortable, risky, and new steps to pay forward the grace and good fortune the universe has bestowed on me.

If you identify with even part of my story, then you understand some of the tenants that drive my passion for the mission of Citizen Do Good.

I hope you will stay tuned!

-Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP)

Michael V. Piscitelli

Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP) is a Citizen Do Good contributor and editor. His other roles include host, producer, and editor for the Citizens Prerogative podcast. He is keenly interested in all things self-help, self-rule, and science-related. A budding Stoic philosopher, he will continue to share his journey with the community at large. In the words of Spock, live long and prosper.

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