S1 E1 | The Case

S1 E1 The Case for Citizens Prerogative Podcast

This is our introductory episode for the Citizens Prerogative Podcast by Citizen Do Good, hosted by Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP) and Raymond Wong Jr. (RWJ)

This is where we recommend people start when first beginning their voyage with Citizens Prerogative.

In this edition, once it’s published, we will present the ideas driving Citizen Do Good and make the case for why it is important.

In doing so, we thought it valuable to also introduce our hosts and relate the motivations shared by both MVP and RWJ in investing time and energy towards making it successful.


Freedom is paramountly the prerogative of citizens. Only in our nation on this Earth, exists the promise for citizens to self-rule through rule of law. Time to realize that power and own it.


  • Raymond Wong Jr.
  • Michael Piscitelli

No guests this time

More info

  • Perhaps not mentioned in the episode, Common Cause is worth a look-see for civics sake.
  • In the same vein, Our Common Purpose is the lastest set of recommendations for actions to build towards a more perfect union.

Special Thanks

  • Intro music sampled from “Okay Class” by Ozzy Jock under creative commons license through  freemusicarchive.org 
  • Other music provided royalty-free through  Fesliyan Studios Inc. 


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