S1 E2 | Hello Sovereignty

S1 E2 Hello Sovereignty Thanks to Common Defense

In times like these, being a citizen of the United States is a big job. Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self-rule and debate the state of our republic. Welcome to the Citizens Prerogative Podcast.

We have a few discussion topics in this episode as we continue to lay foundations:

  • Sovereignty is an idea that only materializes with power
  • Our defense apparatus is part of our exceptionalism
  • More than words, we need to put in the work of demonstrating appreciation for our military


  • Raymond Wong Jr.
  • Michael Piscitelli

No guests this time

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Hello sovereignty thanks to common defense from our volunteer soldiers. We do not invest enough time in truly understanding the state of our armed services and how well we care for our soldiers and veterans after they serve. Their public service deserves more awareness and esteem in our society.

Special thanks to

  • Our ongoing supporters, thank you!
  • Our sponsor Citizen Do Good (citizendogood.com)
  • Intro music sampled from “Okay Class” by Ozzy Jock under creative commons license through freemusicarchive.org 
  • Other music provided royalty-free through Fesliyan Studios Inc. 
  • The imagery of Whitehouse Burning 1814 by Freeman from Washington Post
The imagery of Whitehouse Burning 1814 by Freeman from Washington Post

Freedom is paramountly the prerogative of citizens. Only in our nation on this Earth, exists the promise for citizens to self-rule through rule of law. Time to realize that power and own it.

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