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Honor is the way.

Topics in this post:

  • Upholding one republic against all enemies.
  • Aspiring to a more perfect union.
  • Valuing rights and responsibilities.
  • Remembering the sacrifices made.

“The honor of a nation is its life.” – Alexander Hamilton.

Upholding one republic.

At Citizen Do Good, we bear the honor of upholding trust and faith in one united republic against all enemies, inside and out. Being honorable means holding true to one’s word. It also means following through on commitments expressed or implied among us. It is the path one walks with a clear conscious, a full heart, and a sound mind.

Honor is the way to demonstrate the highest respect and utmost conviction in committing ourselves to this most audacious experiment. We must work at fulfilling the promises of liberty for us all and our posterity. We must be reminded of the sacrifices made for this grand experiment so that we are inspired to continue the fight to make our union more perfect.

Aspiring to a more perfect union.

It is not a perfect union yet. There are nothing but opportunities for us to carry on the legacy of making it more perfect. The most honorable thing we can do is fulfill the highest aspirations of what we can build together.

Each morning is the dawning of a new day. A day where citizens can go about their work in the most honorable of ways. Demonstrating what it is to act and speak honorably towards fellow citizens. Someday, after working together in the best of collaboration, and investing in ourselves and each other, we will be able to prove this experimental union a success.

We honor the best of the principles of our system and aspire to help change the parts that can be better. This includes our liberties, welfare, and common defense among other things. Securing these gifts for us all requires reason, rule of law, and sovereignty with an aim for the common good.

Valuing rights and responsibilities.

We honor the value of all citizens in learning how to protect and expand recognition of their rights.

This includes practical lessons on how our system works, methods of making and discerning reasoned arguments, and employing the use of wisdom and virtue to guide ourselves.

We see it as our responsibility to practice these skills through exercising habits aimed at continuously developing them. We aim for Citizen Do Good to be a platform to facilitate growth in these areas for us all.

Who sows virtue reaps honor. – Leonardo da Vinci.

In these efforts, honor is the way that we stand ready to protect and fulfill the promise of our civil rights. We will use those rights to form a more perfect union. We do this for the common good now and for our posterity.

Remembering the sacrifices made.

Just as we honor and commend those who have sacrificed their lives in the course of forming a more perfect union. We seek the best of their examples to inspire us to continue improving on this experiment in self-rule.

We honor each of our hours and minutes sacrificed to the passage of time for the sake of the common good. The time that each of us invests in improving ourselves and helping in our own way to form a more union is well spent.

We honor our duty to the promise of freedom embedded in the constitution and our inalienable rights as invoked by our Declaration of Independence. We honor that in order for freedom to exist, there must be no kings in our republic and that no one is above the law, human or otherwise.

All we can say is that honor is the way. We hope you’ll join us on this path.

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Michael V. Piscitelli

Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP) is a Citizen Do Good contributor and editor. His other roles include host, producer, and editor for the Citizens Prerogative podcast. He is keenly interested in all things self-help, self-rule, and science-related. A budding Stoic philosopher, he will continue to share his journey with the community at large. In the words of Spock, live long and prosper.

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