S3 E53 | P3: Transform Learning

S3 E53 P3: Transform Learning

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • This represents part 3 of the Five-Point Plan introduced in episode 50.
  • Transforming the institutions of our learning system for a more perfect union.
  • We live in the age of infinitely expanding knowledge and automation. The past is not our future.
  • This means that we need a whole new perspective on learning for posterity’s sake and the future of our republic if they can keep it.
  • Forget memorization, short-cuts, and standardized tests. This Edutopia article hits on the major points of what the research says about testing. Recently, the UC system moved forward with suspending the use of SAT and ACT for entrance requirements.
  • Time for a change and we have a proposal in mind:
    • Teach young people how to learn new skills on their own, discern facts, think properly, and use their agency to find purpose and contribute to their communities.
    • Foster development of skills to continue growing, navigating life, and fending for themselves in whatever environment they may live.
    • Instill in pupils the practical habits necessary to collaborate and solve problems.
    • They should learn how to discover and rediscover who they are, know their purpose, and maintain an alignment with nature. By nature, I mean working in cooperation with one another and the environment. 
    • They should be provided with a knowledge base of practical information.
      • This includes a complete perspective of the world’s history as we know it. One that represents perspectives of a fair cross-section of all groups and fully explains why things are the way they are.
      • Also, add into curricula practical ways to understand and navigate our modern economic environment as a consumer and as a business.
      • Ultimately one of the primary goals is to help people develop their leadership skills and gain an understanding of civics and how our institutions work.
  • By the end of schooling, our people should be ready to participate in the next steps of their purpose-driven lives. Regardless of choosing apprenticeship, vocation, art, science, or academia, everyone should be prepared for the next phase of life after high school.
  • We advocate for a free associate degree through an accredited community college in the short term and long term more needs to be done.
  • We propose equalizing the playing field and the funding to provide a more equal education for all. This major change could work like pooling all county tax dollars for education into one state fund to be distributed equally based on enrollment. Give each child a funded fair shot.
  • Calls to Action:
    • Consider how you or your children might have benefitted from such a learning program as described in this episode. Then answer these questions: 
      • Why not make changes for the better?
      • What changes would you support in a radically different system and why?
    • Find out ways that you may influence or join your local school board in order to begin the hard work of introducing these ideas to the community at large. If we want to change, we have to act.
    • Explore local opportunities for apprenticeships available in your area. Either for you to retool yourself or for your loved ones to be aware of. These can be sponsored through local trade groups, unions, community colleges, and vocational institutes.
    • Don’t rely on the system to care for you or your child’s learning. Life-long learning is critical to have any chance of fulfilling a life’s purpose.
    • Keep growing and learning. Do it alone or with others. Do it now. So much is accessible at your fingertips through any internet-enabled device.
    • We only outlined the bones here, so stay tuned as we dive further into this during a future episode.







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