S2 E25 | New Economics a la Doughnut


S2 E25 New Economics a la Doughnut

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self-rule and debate the state of our republic. Welcome to the Citizens Prerogative Podcast.

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • Get your externalities outa here! Enter: Doughnut Economics brought to us by Kate Raworth. The World Economic Forum featured this short piece that serves as a nice introduction, “Meet the doughnut: the new economic model that could help end inequality.” Her book is also available via the usual methods.
  • This episode makes the case for why we find this new, well-rounded, model of thinking about economics a very compelling upstart worthy of our attention. Honestly, RWJ and MVP find this view really appeals to their strategy gaming heads-up-display instincts.
  • The Doughnut model, depicted above, provides a status overview of our biosphere and living conditions. Developing this type of broader worldview sense will be critical for anyone hoping to terraform a hostile world. At least ours is still a little bit friendly to our lives.
  • We citizens want our economies and societies to live in the Goldilocks habitable zone, which we call the doughnut, between where the ecosystem can be sustained and above which point we experience starvation, dehydration, or disease. The red parts are an informational status overlay of where we’re ranking.
  • Welcomed are the ideas around how to embrace complexity and for us to begin designing dynamic feedback loops and control measures to manage foreseeable and unforeseeable shocks (climate swings, volcanoes, meteorites, etc.). By installing dynamic components in our economy, it will become more resilient and perhaps even offer stability during unstable times.
  • MVP mentioned Bioneers in the episode and if you’re unfamiliar, in their own words, “Bioneers is an innovative nonprofit organization that highlights breakthrough solutions for restoring people and planet.”
  • In a similar lane, an ideation sensation that might tickle your thinker in one word: biomimicry. According to the Oxford dictionary, it is “the design and production of materials, structures, and systems that are modeled on biological entities and processes.” check out the Biomimicry Institute for more information, videos, etc.


  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.

More info

  • One aside made it to air about our dear mammalian cousins: Whales. The May issue of National Geographic features an article about how these amazing creatures keep surprising us in how many ways we are like them. Disney+ also has a series dedicated to this released on Earth Day 2021.
  • Did you know that we made cows? I didn’t know that. Just like our dogs, a domesticated branch of a wild bunch. Cows are descended from an extinct form of Ox or Yak from Mesopotamia. Holy cow. I just heard this little snippet from the latest episode of Science Fridays, one of MVP’s favorite podcasts.

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Image: From Propogate.org of Kate Raworth and Christian Guthier/The Lancet Planetary Health.


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