Coming Soon: Lost Cause Watch

Coming Soon: Lost Cause Watch!

The American experiment in self-rule is under assault by anti-democratic forces and we can’t stand idle while our republic is at stake.

Let us come together and fight to keep our republic democratic, and make true the long-held promise of liberty and justice for all.

Citizen Do Good is excited to announce a long-awaited project: Lost Cause Watch. It will be a harder-hitting, direct take on what we must do as citizens to bring about the future we were promised.

Everything is changed with the persistence of authoritarian tendencies and the myths that keep us divided. Only divided shall we fail and only together do we prevail.

We’ll be taking on the issues of the day and how we can take action to secure our republic for now and future generations of humanity, hurtling through space, on a rock covered in soil.

Lost Cause Watch, a new production by Citizen Do Good coming soon.

Stay tuned!


Voices & Faces

  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.
  • Possibly guests

Special thanks to

  • Our ongoing supporters, thank you!
  • Teaser music provided royalty-free through Fesliyan Studios Inc.



Image: ‘Sound the Alarm’ by SergeShop.



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