S3 E40 | New South Old Rules

S3 E40 New South Old Rules

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • A tale of two republics that are fused together under law as a means of containing a ceaseless war of cultures. One republic was built upon the ideals of aristocracy and one was built on the ideals of equality. What they had in common was a common enemy in that neither of the republics wanted to bear the cost of living back under the rule of a king.
  • The new south has boundaries drawn by cultural lines and is not reliably in specific states but rather among all of the states. This has actually been true throughout most of United States history as racism and misogyny never fit inside of map lines. The lines were simply easier to draw back when laws told the story, specifically where slavery was legal.
  • Follow the ideas where old rules reign today and there you will find the confederacy echoing from yesterday. A potent combination of white supremacy and misogyny that is justified in many cases through religion. 
  • Modern science has proven all humans are the same species. History has proven that race was invented and gender was used for sowing division and creating classes where none truly existed in reality. This provided huge amounts of free labor to feed the aristocratic economies of the south and maintain their order through oppression. One more chapter in the age of civilizations: The long history of the haves balancing their power, riches, and glory on the backs of the have-nots.
  • Calls to Action:
    • Realize that every human is their own entity with inalienable rights according to our founding documents – no race or gender is inherently superior nor should wield power over another – this is egalitarianism, this is the freedom promised under the laws of our republic.
    • Maps are being redrawn and representation matters. It is up to all of us to make sure our voice is heard. “Unity maps” shall show the way to more equal representation across more competitive districts! These maps have been proposed as highlighted in this San Jose Spotlight OpeEd piece; a map inspired by The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund and are providing an example to model. After all, we love that old motto, “no taxation without representation!”
    • Review CPP Episode 6 The Politics of Party when we discussed the dangers of conducting politics via parties and how parties are one of the things the U.S. founders feared most; something bad for the health of any republic.
    • Voting is being restricted in new ways, find out how to get out the vote in your community. Check with your local county elections officer, sometimes part of the clerk or recorder offices.
    • Get interested in new tactics to combat inequality in voter access and campaign funding. Your community needs solutions and democracy vouchers may be a new way to begin leveling the playing field if we cannot get HR1 – For the People Act to pass the U.S. Senate. Seattle has made some progress on this front recently by implementing democracy vouchers to manage campaign finance and allow more citizens to run for office. Here’s a related opinion piece from CommonDreams.org for more information.
    • Get involved and use your agency to help make noise and march on the ideas that are important to our personal health, the climate within which we live, and our collective health as a species.







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  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.

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Citizens Prerogative Podcast Closed Caption Transcript
S3 E40 New South Old Rules

11:01:49 In times like these, being a citizen as a big job. Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self rule and debate the state of our republic.
11:01:58 Welcome to the citizens prerogative podcast. This is the voice of your nerdy host Michael Jessica Telly and we are blessed with a co host who’s passionate for our republic precedes him everywhere he goes Ramin one Jr.
11:02:10 Thank you Thank you I’m like a southern belle today.
11:02:16 I want to see if you can hold on to that accent.
11:02:19 This is episode number, 40, and we just moved into season three. We’ve been on hiatus for a little bit. So we felt it was a good time to shake our tail feathers and slide into a new season.
11:02:32 The tone and tenor will be remarkably similar although we’re probably going to be a little bit more controversial because the times call for it.
11:02:43 So what’s this episode all about.
11:02:46 Right now the title is New South old rules.
11:02:52 And just a preview a little bit about what we’re going to be covering. We’re really going to be talking a little bit about a tale of two Republic’s obviously based on the title, we’re going to talk a little bit about the old north, and the Old South,
11:03:05 but it’s in a very new way, it’s coming to us from New angles from maybe slightly different perspectives, but it’s not new. So we’ll call it the new south, but it’s following the old rules, and we’ll talk a little bit about what those old rules are.
11:03:22 Additionally, we’re going to highlight all of those things and then at the end of this give us a little set of call to actions as we try to do that on a regular basis, especially for season three.
11:03:33 We’re going to make sure that call to action is top of mind.
11:03:38 With that, let’s go.
11:03:42 Let’s go ahead and jump into it so at my top we’re running down our bullets at the top I have a tale of two Republic’s this story has never been finished.
11:03:53 Right. One of what we would call from our history books.
11:03:57 And those history books are fraught with misinformation but I would say the old north and the Old South right old photos we had the union versus the Confederacy, and the New South still exists, it’s embedded in cultural norms, ideologies, things of that
11:04:18 have been passed down that aren’t true.
11:04:22 So we’re going to examine a lot of that today.
11:04:25 But if you follow the ideas were old rules rain today. There you will find the hate of yesterday.
11:04:33 The hate of yesterday is still very much alive in the Republic. It’s one of the two Republic’s the Confederacy was never stamped out. It was brought back in the house.
11:04:45 And we thought we could manage it.
11:04:56 Now, you have triggered me just a bit today because I, you know, when I think about the Civil War.
11:05:06 We won right the North one. The North absolutely took over there was a thing called reconciliation. Now you’re talking to me about are just kind of also triggered me again because you’re talking about history in our in our education right.
11:05:20 And I think that’s as far as it went, I think I only recall them talking about we won and reconciliation and Lincoln was dead. So I thought we were solved, I don’t, you know, I understand where this is coming from but I’m a little upset that we, we didn’t
11:05:33 settle it doesn’t seem like settled south.
11:05:40 No, and I think as America, I mean if you go point in time if you look at, there were certain things happening where America wanted to turn a new leaf and wanted to present itself to the world.
11:05:49 As an enlightened state, founded on enlightenment principles and the world’s pre eminent democracy. I mean, one of the most democratic countries the world had seen how democratic I mean, it’s all relative.
11:06:05 right, relative to communism, relative to other systems.
11:06:10 Even socialism, you know, if you think about, England.
11:06:15 Think about Great Britain and their House of Lords House of common.
11:06:21 They still have some heredity rule. Anyway, I digress.
11:06:27 In the history. Yeah, we wanted to put the ugly ness of the South behind us and pretend that we were, we were better people we were a better society.
11:06:38 And really none of that was true, I mean we fought a civil war, and the north, technically one, but it didn’t win the war.
11:06:49 It won the battle is won the final battle that ended the Civil War.
11:06:55 But the cultural war between people who believe in our egalitarianism.
11:07:02 The idea that, as humans, as humans, regardless of our gender, and regardless of the color of our skin.
11:07:13 We are imbued with unalienable rights as a part of our founding documents, but throughout history, you can see where Confederate ideology. The Old South ideology, really embedded itself with the supremacy because it worked really well for them economically,
11:07:33 the economics we’ve made the point the economics of today are emerging of the old slave way of doing things, and the new quote unquote industrialized way of doing things, but really it just broke down, you know, it drove down.
11:07:49 What workers would have access to so we digress with that.
11:07:54 But the tale of two Republic’s never ended, right, it just, it was an oscillation of how much is the country willing to exhaust its own resources to resolve this internal conflict over time it got tired.
11:08:08 So we went through reconstruction reconstruction was never finished it was always embattled. You mentioned Lincoln was assassinated, while back then the President was not necessarily a part of the party that the vice president was not necessarily a part
11:08:22 of the party or the ideology of the president of that time today it’s not like that but back then it was. And so, when Lincoln was assassinated the person who became president had really no interest in finishing reconstruction, they had more interest
11:08:36 in getting what they could from the presidency while they had it, and they were from that particular president at the time had every interest to sell out black people in the south.
11:08:48 Poor people in the south.
11:08:50 And I’m using the South and the old term. So, you know, fast forward to today, and that that pendulum is swinging again so after reconstruction. It was lost to Jim Crow and Jim Crow is not just an idea, it was a codify in laws throughout the South.
11:09:08 People were never held accountable for lynchings and Ray and I at some point are going to talk about some of the active trials ongoing right now, which are cases of modern day lynchings of the old style with new technology.
11:09:26 But this idea we must not ever forget.
11:09:30 It never went away. The Tale of Two Republic’s. We still have it.
11:09:35 I’m glad that, and frankly you broach this. I believe that when we originally started talking about the effort of the tale of two republics, you kind of shocked me and this is before the break right so I’ve had a lot of time to digest what we discussed
11:09:52 and this ideal that the Confederacy still exists, the ideals of the Confederacy are strong and the people that were in power of what I’ve learned is that we basically gave them back their power so it was basically like whoops, whoops the daisy war and
11:10:07 we’re, and that’s the problem I the insurrection they’re trying to do it again so you can’t you can’t be confused about what happened in this reconstruction effort, the insurrection happened we know it happened on January six right and now there’s a huge
11:10:19 segment I would suppose the New South saying whoa no no no oh that was, that was just that was just a blip that was nothing. So is that what how they treated the silver wore it appears like everyone said ups, that was a blip clean hands everybody gets
11:10:35 Everyone said ups, that was a blip clean hands everybody gets their company back, everybody gets their bank accounts back and we just march towards the new account or the New South if you will or the New Republic, which actually still had the Old Republic
11:10:49 at its base that that festering base of, frankly, racism and classism,
11:10:57 now is a huge unfair compromise, again, for the sake of economics so not to various in history.
11:11:05 But at the pinnacle for when we needed to make the right choice to finish reconstruction we ended up going with the whims of people’s pocketbooks we headed the country was heading into recession.
11:11:20 Economically speaking, the whole country was going to be destitute because the whole country just fought a civil war, and we’ve been trying to reconstruct our way out of it, and the finances just didn’t come through, and they didn’t have the faith to
11:11:34 borrow like they do today to borrow for tax cuts apparently, but back in the day we didn’t have the good faith and credit sufficient enough to borrow to finish reconstruction and instead, they put everyone back to work.
11:11:47 And like you said.
11:11:48 They put back in the hands. So this is the elites of the day thinking long term for the sake of the Republic. The people who knew how to run those farms the best.
11:12:01 They were basically reinstalled.
11:12:03 I’m using the term farms, because after that theoretically they weren’t plantations anymore It was sharecropping it was, it was some other form, you know, less severe than slavery, but no less oppressive in its effects.
11:12:34 Right.
11:12:25 It was so what is it the, you know, like and I only touched on it briefly but the ideal. And that’s why it’s so easy to get on board with this new republican The Old Republic is there which it’s almost like this, it’s not, it’s it’s it’s existing as a
11:12:40 a counterweight to progress right it feel like it’s pulling down wages, so these southern states, frankly, if we’re going to talk about the flat politics of today, there are southern states who are keeping us from moving in the way of progress, moving
11:12:55 the way of social programs. So they’re just, they’re just a counterweight to counterweight to keep us from progressing but what was that was that their initial intention.
11:13:06 I guess to keep us in servitude in a sense like all people in servitude because in the north, they didn’t have slavery largely so how did how did we all get in the same place where frankly, all workers are treated badly.
11:13:19 Like many slaves, and my sense, just enough to pay the bills, but not enough to build wealth, not enough to build a savings account, not enough to live by your own choice to me that seems like slavery servitude still, but I’m curious your thoughts what
11:13:33 happened.
11:13:35 Yeah, yeah. And this is, this is where the ideologies of white supremacy and misogyny come into play, right, because
11:13:45 for a very long time throughout our written history or the history that’s been written for us.
11:13:55 Men have been at the top or first in line and then in our country especially white men, first in line, ahead of women, and everything else. And so these ideas are very powerful forth powerful, to keep everyone in check, because there’s way more of us
11:14:14 than there are of them.
11:14:16 So I take us back to the French Revolution.
11:14:20 We were talking about this is like, to me it’s such a great example it’s like if you have a King Louie and you have a Marie Antoinette where they consume all the nation spoils and leave nothing for everyone, behind you get the French Revolution and off
11:14:34 with their heads.
11:14:37 And the elites the rich the wealthy the powerful, the families that have handed down their wealth over generations are very aware they, I’m sure, one way or another probably tell stories about the French Revolution, because it nothing scares them more
11:14:54 to Tucker Carlson, nothing scares them more than all of us getting together and rising up against the system because there are technically way more of us than them.
11:15:03 And they want all the people with the guns under their house, so that they aren’t pointing guns at that, it’s a very dangerous game to be playing, but they’re making a mistake there playing all of us like if you’re not a part of a wealthy family where
11:15:18 you go every Sunday and talk about the status of your family bank.
11:15:24 Then, then here not in your out. Like the rest, most of us, most of us are are not in that wealth.
11:15:32 So I think it comes back to self preservation, it comes back to fear and scarcity and the fact that they use scarcity, to keep everybody on this on this concrete plantation.
11:15:46 One paycheck away, and it, and we were making the point to it doesn’t matter how much money you’ve made we’ve got so many people, climbing and climbing the sales on this ship, the ship is still sinking.
11:15:57 It really doesn’t matter how high you climb up that mass there’s always going to be people higher. The ship will sink, and they’re okay, and they’re fine with the ship sinking as long as they stay above water.
11:16:09 And that’s terrible. Look it’s anecdotal, but I’m going to say it anyways you and I had a dear friend, which we won’t name here, who had that level of wealth, old family.
11:16:20 And I remember having this terrible argument with him because he watched Marie Antoinette the movie starring Kirsten Dunn’s, and he sympathized so heavily with Marie Antoinette because she was an Austrian and she didn’t know the financial troubles the
11:16:39 French were going through, and she was used to living a certain lifestyle. so it was unfair of the peasants to do that to her because she was just an Austrian girl, and that’s how I was, I was so taken back because I had never heard the argument but it
11:16:54 just struck me now, Michael because you’re talking about. Yeah, they’re worried too, and he is he’s worried like poor Antoinette she was just a rich person who didn’t know that the French were suffering, I mean it was really kind of odd that that’s what
11:17:09 that’s what they took away from it so it’s all about perspective and you’re right there’s people there are people at the top of that mast, looking down at all the people rowing the ship saying.
11:17:19 Goodness me you know those fools, you know, but keep them there. Because if any of them get to this mass I can’t share this mass there’s not enough space, but but capitalism has shown us quite clearly that more capacity that better right.
11:17:35 We can say we don’t need your ship will get it, but that’s a problem, they need us on their ship to row.
11:17:42 Yes.
11:17:43 Yes, because they are not wealthy without our toil without our work.
11:17:50 So precarious so precarious now if they just shared more if they were more sharing and more caring, like we propose.
11:18:00 These problems are less pervasive. They’re less problematic. People don’t steal when they have enough people don’t murder when they feel like things aren’t being stolen from them, like there’s, there is a human psychology behind all of this that is at
11:18:16 this point becoming ever, ever more clear,
11:18:24 Do you want to be on, in a sense, and I want to be very clear and citizen, do good did release an official post.
11:18:34 The organization that were part of does not advocate for no billionaires and no millionaires okay we are class, we are, we are, excuse me, capitalists, we are preaching for many more billionaires and many more extreme number of millionaires wealth should
11:18:52 be available to everyone everyone should be able to have a savings account in this country, because if your your your pursuit of happiness is having savings or enough money to take care of your family, and save and enjoy wealth or build that wealth generationally,
11:19:08 you should have that but but no, no again if you if you give people too much. They can vote with their feet right, they can build their own ship, and the wealthy are afraid of losing that control.
11:19:21 But that’s freedom.
11:19:23 People want to say, free and free and fair markets for competition. What a fun. What a fun concept,
11:19:33 But they don’t really believe in any of that.
11:19:37 Yeah, no, no, no, it only to be free and fair they want the market to be free and fair as long as I am making all the money from it.
11:19:45 And, you know, make sure the rules. We have so much legal corruption embedded corruption in our, in our taxation and how we conduct elections, we’ve got a lot of repairs that need to be made.
11:20:00 But with that, I think we need to take a break.
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11:21:52 You know we have really high up in the south.
11:21:56 Yes, they own this they own it from the perspective of the United States and our history, our current complicated history but the historian in me says we have to take it a little bit deeper right Mike, I think there’s a deeper component, which is leaning
11:22:10 on so it’s, I wish I don’t wish, but there’s not one villain in the room right this is a complex net of power struggle, that’s gone on for aeons as long as the documented history is available, because they destroy the older stuff when it doesn’t match
11:22:24 right but history that’s available to us shows. It’s been a battle of the Wits it’s been a battle of the minds and history shows that this is something that’s ingrained deeper the ideals of classes or separation of the servant class, etc.
11:22:41 And these are a little bit older than the United States so Michael I’m curious what your research showed, or what you what you’re feeling is about, you know, where did this, where did this start and how do we dismantle it even deeper than just the Confederacy.
11:22:56 Oh yeah, just scratching the surface right and we are simplifying it in the model that we were given the North versus the South. But yes, it is not the North versus south and it never has been.
11:23:11 It’s really been about the haves versus the have nots, and how best for the haves to make sure they continue on having more or less.
11:23:25 And this is reflected in the fact that you know only wealthy landowners were given the right to vote early on, not to mention that the right to vote wasn’t even among all citizens back then.
11:23:40 You know you, there are so many litmus tests so we’ve always been, as a nation, have always been a top down, type of structure, always from the founding fathers the original patriarchy.
11:23:57 All the way to today. In some states, right, like you can do an archaeological experiment and just look at the structure of certain states and see how little it’s changed over the times.
11:24:07 And there’s a culture there that supports it. So, there is a misnomer and oversimplifying things us versus them north and south Confederates and union.
11:24:18 Very much oversimplifies the fact that we, we were in our complex nation made up of many cultures. Many ideologies vying to be free.
11:24:35 Is it when you, when, when freedom comes into play. And I think you and I’ve been talking about this offline right.
11:24:42 Every person has a sense of control that they want to exude. And I think the church actively told a man that his place of controls in the household right that’s his focus he was, he was the ruler of his domain.
11:24:57 And I think what that does is we need to understand that satiate a human need to have a sense of control and power. So maybe something as simple as you getting in your car, turning it on and choose where that cargoes, you may be arguing with people against
11:25:10 autonomy, because literally they have boiled down our freedoms so much, we’re actually supposed to have unlimited freedom, but we have a boil down freedom, and in that sense it created many structures in our homes where the men exude this power, and the
11:25:24 women have power over the children and the children don’t have to go into factories anymore that’s where we are, you know.
11:25:34 Yeah, and the differences used to be more so codified in law, and we’ve been pushing back against that we, I mean, the greater we the plural, is stick group of people in this democracy.
11:25:55 the pendulum swing in the opposite direction again. But then there’s the economy stupid. Well, the highlight.
11:25:59 Yeah, go ahead. And we’ll use an example for the for the, for the, for the folks out there pop culture wise Britney Spears free Brittany situation right now is a good example of where a conservatorship is put over an individual right How is that any way
11:26:14 fair freedom, right, because she threatened her actions threaten the economy of Britney Spears, so all of the family members and friends that were, it’s all coming out now that we’re working for her.
11:26:24 Well they’re worried they’re all going to lose their jobs and their nest eggs right so they threaten their, and I, it’s their economy right we all have.
11:26:33 We’re part of a greater economy but we all have our personal economies and the fear of that economy being destroyed, well then we need to control this individual, how do you think that’s not happening with us on the large, you know companies in a sense,
11:26:45 are subjugating us into a position for shareholder value
11:26:52 for a singular, you know, a very narrow myopic goal.
11:26:58 That’s a great example. You know, a very on the ground example because I don’t even think before the free Brittany thing that people knew you could be put in a conservatorship you can be owned.
11:27:13 And back in the day this people had the state used to take control of people’s autonomy and sterilize them. I mean, This is back in the eugenics days.
11:27:24 So not only can they use eminent domain to come take your property.
11:27:28 They can come for your genitals.
11:27:30 And if you’re a woman in Texas, you probably understand it a little bit better than the rest of us.
11:27:35 But I digress.
11:27:38 Very, you know, very, very good point in illustration to make there.
11:27:44 And so just to bring this home, we, we know it’s complex but we love talking about things and metaphors making it simple, because at the end of the day, your moral values your moral internal compass in your sense of what is innately right, not what you’ve
11:27:58 been told, not what your indoctrination is.
11:28:02 but as a human that yearns to be free.
11:28:05 You know in your heart of hearts with that with that feeling is like what that sensation is.
11:28:12 And so, the simple rule to look for old rules to find the new south, simply look for misogyny and look for white supremacy, white supremacy and misogyny, are the hallmarks of that power structure, the power structure to put people in their proper places.
11:28:34 It goes beyond classism, right, it’s the law.
11:28:39 And we have to remember there’s a relationship between the law and the economy and both of those things have a have a determining effect on our freedoms.
11:28:52 And, and I, I say that because there’s a lot of business people out there who divorce themselves from politics or the law which makes absolutely no sense.
11:28:57 The only time they surround themselves with the law is when they’re talking about taxes.
11:29:04 And that’s the wrong conversation, but that’s another episode.
11:29:09 So in any case, talking about New South old rules, look for those old rules because if there’s anything we’ve learned over time, new knowledge, brought to us through the scientific method, as well as many other types of studying of society has proven
11:29:28 that all humans are the same species race and gender are made up by us, for our own means. Okay. Just because a woman and a man have different physical parts.
11:29:45 Does it make them a different species doesn’t make them a different class, really means very little, other than what how we reproduce.
11:29:57 Quite frankly, that’s about it. And when you start putting or believing in ideas that go beyond reproduction that are based on gender.
11:30:08 That’s indoctrination.
11:30:10 Those are the old rules.
11:30:13 And we need to be mindful of them because they’re not true.
11:30:17 We know it’s not true anymore.
11:30:20 If we think about the new rules, it seems like kind of a hands off my identity ideal is and it’s strange because there’s a lot of people that are screaming for control of people but at the same time, want freedom and then don’t think the government should
11:30:37 be telling them what to do with their bodies etc etc so it really is a we’re. I think we’re we’re at the point as with citizens prerogative is to really start defining key definitions and issues to take down so I think what we’re saying today is, and
11:30:54 I want to clarify with Mike is that, you know, the Confederacy is not dead. We are still fixing those same problems. The old. That’s why we say it’s a two Republic issue.
11:31:04 It’s a tale of two Republic’s, if you need to recite back Edwards was talking about it on the campaign. It got traction. Okay. It was a true story. It’s an issue that we faced with.
11:31:16 And to this day, you know it’s strange because the south, still continues to hold some of the most economically depressed states like we’ve literally never finished reconstruction.
11:31:27 Everyone will benefit when we reconcile, and we repair. So we’re focused on this, and I think for a talking point, it’s clear we’re dealing with two different republics here, the Confederacy, we never repaired it.
11:31:41 So I think that’s the knowledge takeaway without a doubt is that, do you understand that there was good work that was set forth. When the Confederacy fell, but the effort to rebuild fell, like so many American projects we’re all used to this.
11:31:55 It shouldn’t shock you that it happened.
11:31:59 Yeah. Yeah. And that’s why we only have a very small limited set of like public services like Medicare, and things like that, right, because you can only win a portion of a war in this country you can never win the whole war.
11:32:15 And so we’ve got to keep pushing for portions.
11:32:19 So let’s. I’m looking at the clock, we’re still trying to be good about our time for all of you out there. So we’re going to move into calls to action.
11:32:28 I might try and do these rapid fire, and then re, you can fill in for me.
11:32:34 So, we have about four bullets five bullets here for a call to action.
11:32:40 The first thing we want everyone to do is realize that every human is their own entity with unalienable rights, according to our founding documents.
11:32:49 No race, or gender is inherently superior.
11:32:54 Nor should it wield power over another.
11:32:56 This is the definition of egalitarianism.
11:33:00 This is the freedom promised to all of us under the laws of our Republic, or at least under the Constitution, not all the laws agree with the constitution right now going to have to work that one out.
11:33:14 Speaking of maps are being drawn maps. We finished our senses, and your representation, you’re, you’re getting taxed. You want to make sure you get representation in Congress, the maps are being drawn right now and representation matters.
11:33:30 So, make sure your voices heard.
11:33:33 There’s one idea floating around out there.
11:33:36 And I think this came out of San Jose. In California, I’m not sure if it’s getting picked up in other places but there’s this idea of a unity map and unity maps show the way to more equal representation of cross more competitive districts.
11:33:53 So, you know, if you are going to draw a map for representation in Congress. Everybody wants as much representation as possible and in order to achieve that you should have competitive races in your district.
11:34:07 There shouldn’t just be one party that runs and one party that wins in any district to because there are many of us in every district and this party rule this top down control situation is very problematic, and we will be, I’m sure, getting it on it on
11:34:27 a future episode here soon. We’ll go back to season one. We talked a lot about how the party system should not exist. That’s why we have seasons.
11:34:37 Yes. Go back, go back, I’ll put it in the notes.
11:34:45 Voting is being restricted in new ways. So you need to stay vigilant to find out how you can get the vote out for your community.
11:34:48 There’s also a lot of special election so is going on so if you can be mindful of that and make sure you show up every election there is, the better off you’ll be.
11:34:56 It’s going to count, more than ever, especially if you have any chance of knowing what’s going on and around where you live.
11:35:06 Also, do your best to get interested new tactics to combat inequality, this is info access and campaign funding. So, your, your community needs you. And one of the ways that we can start making some inroads here is with like democracy vouchers, that’s
11:35:24 just an example, Seattle recently has made some progress on this front. And what it does is it’s trying to provide an alternative to this unlimited campaign slush world, we’re in this unlimited financing since.
11:35:42 Citizens United, which is a whole nother issue we have to deal with money in politics. But there’s a couple of things to look at from San Jose, unity maps in Seattle.
11:35:53 They’ve got these democracy vouchers which will be interesting, and then get involved and use your own agency to help make noise and march on the ideas that are important to our personal health, our climate and our collective health.
11:36:07 And I’m just throwing that out there as a generic call to action because there’s just so much going on and over the coming episodes will start addressing it.
11:36:16 But we need to tune in right now because the power structures that are in place are interested in maintaining themselves and that is not our advantage.
11:36:27 So keep an eye out for these maps that are being drawn, and hopefully you’re getting more equal representation. If you’re in one of those areas where you’re not then keep listening, because we’re going to be covering things in more detail about where
11:36:42 the New South is showing up what states maybe what counties are doubling down on the old ways on the old rules.
11:36:51 She has a problem.
11:37:01 So with those calls to action which aren’t necessarily the most concrete so we’ll continue making inroads on that as well for you in the future.
11:37:10 We have been your host, thank you to Mr. Raymond one junior and knowledge for me. I do declare Mr Fisker talent.
11:37:24 I love your Southern Dale.
11:37:29 This has been something that’s for sure. For more information on this and other episodes, head over to citizen do get calm and click on podcast.
11:37:36 While you’re there, hit up the Contact Us page and leave a comment, we’d love to hear from the community.
11:37:43 Special thanks to you our listeners we saved the best for last. You were the best and you have been for years. Thank you for your support we know it’s painful, and we love you.









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