S3 E47 | We Are The People

S3 E47 We Are The People

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • Make sure we take action to secure our right to vote by electing candidates that support voting reform for equal ballot access and representation in congress.
  • The misinformation campaigns have the people confused by design. Everything is held hostage by money from the rich feeding into a two-party monopoly that has eroded any sense of confidence in our institutions.
  • Regarding the history of “direct” elections where citizens, not legislatures, cast ballots for federal offices, the popular vote wasn’t always popular. Still isn’t in many parts. Citizens can now vote for Senators and that only began in 1913 and voting for Presidential Electors was being handled by some state legislators, instead of citizens, up through the 1860s with exceptions that continued to occur up through 1876 with a recent close call back in 2000. Wikipedia covers the Electoral College here for more information.
  • Quoting the article from above, “The Constitution gives each state legislature the power to decide how its state’s electors are chosen and it can be easier and cheaper for a state legislature to simply appoint a slate of electors than to create a legislative framework for holding elections to determine the electors.”
  • There are all too many state legislators willing, ready, and able to take our votes back from our control, more like things used to be, and submit their own ballots on our behalf when it comes to elected federal positions. We can lose our liberty and our vote. It’s been far worse in the past which makes for uncomfortable precedence.
  • The day for service in the name of Martin Luther King Jr. was just last month in January and February, when this episode is being released, is Black History Month.
    • In that spirit, we give thanks to a human whose vision and yearning for equality echoes through to now. Our hope for a more equal, a more just, a more perfect union, is set upon the vision he articulated, and it sets the stage for a better tomorrow for us all.
    • In his words, “The time is always right to do what is right.” He also reminded us, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”
  • With those thoughts in mind, it is easy to see how we’re now staged for some unsettling changes. We will need to lean on his wisdom as we weather the storms against civil rights ahead. Couple those figurative squalls with the unprecedented changes that our food sources and habitats are about to experience in the physical world. Viruses are just the beginning of the coming plague of infectious fallacies and climate catastrophes.
  • What we shall be mindful of…
    • The rise of daddy-knows-best totalitarianism through one-party rule; much like the kingmaker playbooks of China and Russia.
    • The extreme among the right-wing in America is looking to return our republic to some of its worse roots, highlighted by elitist minority rule, “Only I can fix it” mentality. This is in opposition to a plurality among us who are vying for a better way: equal representation, taxation, and a fair shot at fulfilling one’s purpose.
    • We need to care about fairness in the system, it impacts our daily lives and fosters trust in our institutions. We have seen this work well on many occasions and other systems around the world provide us with even more examples to borrow.
    • A system still powered by the gyrations between the greedy who get rich and the poor who work to make them so, cannot last. The pursuit of happiness by the rich is conducted on roads paved by the poor, who are not left in a position to pursue happiness by their participation in the system. It doesn’t need to be this way. No homelessness, ignorance, sickness, or hunger need apply in the process of lifting one’s self by their bootstraps. For our house can have a floor and our a nation can have roads that we can all travel on!
    • We need to see ourselves in each other as fellow citizens under our laws because we’re the only ones we got in this world. All the others are autocrats and their bureaucratic handlers.
  • Calls to Action:
    • It’s not clear we can count on the current congress to be able to prevent the backward slide into a republic from the good old days, where only a few can vote and own property. Please do not allow your state representatives to steal your vote. Check out this great article from History.com on how Electoral College Electors are chosen, hint: it’s decided by state legislatures.
    • Learning to navigate the new processes for registering to vote and casting your ballot. Check out a timelessly reliable resource, RockTheVote.org for more information on how to register and vote specifically in your state.
    • More than ever it’s time to turn out in high numbers if we want a clear majority in congress to move reform forward for a more perfect union and a better future for us all. We will be releasing a platform to help formalize the issues of paramount importance right now. It is in production and will premier as a multi-part series soon. Stay tuned.
    • Albeit congress is in negotiations for minor tweaks to shore up the system like the John Lewis voting right act, etc. Hopefully, they will pass something effective. But for now, it’s up to each of us to mind our vote and make sure it is counted.







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  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.

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Citizens Prerogative Podcast Closed Caption Transcript
S3 E47 We as the People

11:39:42 In times like these, being a citizen is a big job. Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self rule, and debate this state of our republic.
11:39:51 Welcome to the citizens prerogative podcast. This is the voice of your nerdy host Michael Pisco Telly and we are blessed with a co host whose passion for our republic precedes him everywhere he goes, Raymond long Jr.
11:40:04 Thank you. Thank you. I voted. Not not today, or anything it’s like General, but I voted in my life.
11:40:12 This is episode number 47. We are still in season three. And today we’re going to be talking a little bit about or all about making sure we can keep our vote, very astute agreement.
11:40:29 So today’s gonna be a bit of a diatribe hang in there we’ve got calls to action.
11:40:36 And we’re going to get right into it.
11:40:39 The misinformation campaigns have people confused by design.
11:40:45 And this is an age old activity, I think, ama’s listen to a few of our episodes, knows we like to call out repetitions from the past goodies oldies and goodies not necessarily in a good sense but that they worked for whatever nefarious purposes people
11:41:06 had used them for.
11:41:08 So right now, the misinformation campaigns are all over the place we have a whole media ecosystem filled with them.
11:41:17 And everything’s held hostage by money from the rich, feeding into a two party monopoly, that has eroded any sense of confidence in our institutions.
11:41:30 So it’s going to be very interesting to see how smoothly. How rockier bumpy the road will be on our upcoming elections.
11:41:39 I really feel for my fellow Americans, because these misinformation campaigns are coming from two beasts that are trying to perpetuate and sustain themselves which are the parties and there as old as the Constitution, there is old as the founding fathers
11:41:57 themselves, and it’s only because they couldn’t rise above argument and disagreement. Well, you had slight slavery, still part of the American system.
11:42:08 So, of course, and that’s where the fracture starts, and it’s just so old people don’t want to admit that the party system itself is actually against us.
11:42:22 Yeah, we’re really seeing the really bad effects of that coming to bear on the way things are grinding to a halt and starting to fall apart from a faith perspective right having any faith that we can execute this system.
11:42:40 And it’s because the parties are are doing their damnedest to kind of tear us apart, they want to, they want to be the parent, the favorite parent, almost at any cost of goodness.
11:42:54 So in any case here we are. And now, even at the state level, I mean, forget about the federal government for a minute. We’ve got 50 states and each one of them has their own government full of people representatives and there’s all too many state legislators
11:43:08 right now. Again, this is the pendulum swinging it’s not like it’s unprecedented in our history, to have a fair are Terry and states, we’ve had those in our past, many of them started that way.
11:43:23 and many of them are going back to those roots.
11:43:26 These legislators are willing ready and able to take our votes back from our control. More like things used to be, and submit their own balance on our behalf as our representatives, especially when it comes to elected federal positions.
11:43:43 We didn’t always have direct election of federal positions. We can lose our liberty and our vote in this space.
11:43:52 It’s been far worse in the past, which makes for very uncomfortable set precedents says.
11:44:02 Think about the intention of our system right How was Bill where we came from, and I will admit the American populace at one time was largely illiterate.
11:44:13 Maybe highly susceptible to, I mean you look how susceptible people are to misinformation Now, imagine how bad it must have been during the early days of the Republic.
11:44:23 So, I believe that the way the Republic is set up had intentions it’s rooted in good, but as you educate your population, and they become a stew, they can start to take greater leadership and ownership of their own destiny.
11:44:37 And here’s what I see happening is that they say well you know we can’t take away their rights because it’s submitted in a constitution, but if we degrade the education right The problem is, the education, we’ve got to kill the education, and then the
11:44:53 people will stop taking rights. It seems so stupid and simple but I think the people that planning the strategy are stupid and simple.
11:45:08 Yeah, yeah. You can’t escape. You can’t escape the system that you know there’s all these aspects that have been set up to nudge things in certain directions, and it’s it’s a very concerted effort and it’s a concerted effort.
11:45:18 I think more importantly against the most people through time, it’s because that torch that baton has been handed down over and over.
11:45:35 And it’s painful so we’re talking about it.
11:45:40 Anyway, I digress.
11:45:42 We just recently in January, we pass a day of service and the name of Martin Luther King Jr.
11:45:54 Just last month we’re recording in February. And, in February right now we’re in Black History Month.
11:45:57 So we want to make sure that we’re, we’re paying homage. In this sense, especially because of the vote, you know, was been so hard, hard, hard, hard to win.
11:46:12 It’s been a long fight the arc of history bends towards justice but boy.
11:46:19 is it long hundreds of years and still in the making, it’s still in the bending it’s still are working towards justice we’re not there yet.
11:46:28 We want to give thanks to a human whose vision and yearning for equality echoes through to now.
11:46:35 And it’s not just Martin Luther King Jr. Put what he embodied to people came before him the ideas the Spirit. The, the actual kernel of the promise embedded in our Constitution, for, for everyone for liberty and justice for all.
11:46:57 I think it’s beautiful that we’re talking about voting rights during Black History Month and I hope that there’s a huge shift from just doing black culture to also doing the rights and the hard fought wins that have happened in our history, and I’m speaking
11:47:15 from a person who comes from the corporate world, we’ve we’ve celebrated Black History Month for ages. But, at no moment did voting rights cross my desk.
11:47:26 That would have stopped I would have come to that event. I know myself. So something was missing. And I think it’s all about mindfulness, and it’s upon all of us to recognize that these days are given to us for a reason for, for to celebrate right we
11:47:41 get all these, we get holidays now, but they’re also meant to be for reflection so I’m hoping to find a balance myself and for others that what we share a bit more of the history, and we understand about what these hot hard fought movements were because
11:48:07 feel like we’ve all become distracted. We’ve become distracted with hundred, you know, I’m sorry, thousand dollar purchases and thousand dollar suits. These things have caused us to forget that the most important thing is not the cloth or the material
11:48:12 or the animal that had to die for that.
11:48:16 It’s what’s really important is that your right to vote has to be essential to everything you do when you wake up, I think it’s part of like your full balanced meal, you know, whenever I saw those commercials part of a daily balanced voting securing your
11:48:30 voter voting right is almost a daily discipline I feel
11:48:40 totally agree i mean they’re there I was gonna say they’re very few places on earth. This is the only place on our Twitter accounts according to the laws of Ireland.
11:48:48 According to our constitution so it’s it’s pretty precious and honestly we’re fortunate lucky and we should be grateful.
11:48:56 We’re entrusted with it.
11:49:02 In the words of Martin Luther King Jr.
11:49:06 The time is always right to do what is right.
11:49:11 And he also reminded us that darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that.
11:49:18 Hate cannot drive out hate.
11:49:23 Only love can do that.
11:49:26 And right now.
11:49:28 One of the things that’s happening is, he is being driven us driven between all of us as a wedge fear as a wedge between us and our votes.
11:49:39 Listen same wedges and part of securing our rights is not just what we do as individuals, it’s what we do together, which is so important.
11:49:51 So, with those, and all the other thoughts in mind that we’ve been streaming through to you and at the beginning of this episode.
11:50:01 It’s easy to see how were staged for some very unsettling changes, not just staged, I think, at the time I wrote this maybe it was staged by now it’s happening.
11:50:17 There’s some unsettling changes we tell, we can tell are going to happen.
11:50:22 And some ground from the perspective of liberty and freedom that we, the majority of us may potentially lose, at least in the short term, we need to lean in on his wisdom, Martin Luther King Jr.
11:50:38 and others.
11:50:40 As we weather the storms, against civil rights ahead.
11:50:45 Couple those figurative squalls with the unprecedented changes that our food sources or habitats. Our lives are about to experience in the physical world.
11:51:05 Viruses are just the beginning of the coming plague of infectious fallacies. It’s not just our bodies, we have to protect but also our minds.
11:51:11 And the time is now for us to take action on that front and be mindful on these things. We need to be cautious of hate and fear and the things that drive us apart.
11:51:21 It’s very important for us to come together collectively under the spirit of our Constitution.
11:51:26 Among all the other things that are intended for the common good, liberty and justice for all.
11:51:36 all possible.
11:51:37 I would really see if we can get away for citizen do good to have us stream, the speech that was given by Martin Luther King, traveling through the metaverse, which is a whole nother episode, traveling through the metaverse I stumbled across a replica
11:51:55 of the speech, the building and the speech and I did not think you could get the speech easily it’s kind of hard to come by.
11:52:04 And the pain in his voice. As he spoke about it’s been 100 years, and 100 years we still are fighting for the right to exist fighting for that right and and hearing.
11:52:18 In his own words talk about 100 years, and I’ve just had the Epiphany during our recording today that we’re about to hit 100 years later, it’s right around the corner
11:52:29 from that pain, and I would like to start bringing to the conversation Michael, and if we can do it, you know, let’s do it.
11:52:38 It’s we’re about to hit 100 years from what he said that long ago. Has anything changed from those comments. And as I stood and tears in this replica and the metaverse.
11:52:49 Nothing has changed from what he said.
11:52:51 So this is for all of us, this is an issue for all Americans.
11:53:25 So sorry.
11:53:27 Sorry I couldn’t even add to it because as good as it gets. what I just did.
11:53:38 Thank you for that right.
11:53:41 Yeah, I agree, let’s figure out, figure out how to make that happen. do some kinda live maneuver.
11:53:49 In the meantime, we have to take quick break and hear a word from our sponsor citizen to good
11:54:03 time for a message from our sponsor citizen do good, fulfilling a dream were all possessing intrinsic love for self rule that is reciprocated with free speech and equal justice under the law.
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11:54:33 The time is now to deeply re examine ourselves and our implementation of governance for the dawning of a new day. We are a proud sponsor of the citizens prerogative podcast a major partner and spreading the good word about civic love, and the power of
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11:55:35 So many people who are focused on their rights. There’s so many people who are confused about what is there, right.
11:55:47 And yet, the most important right.
11:55:51 They don’t understand.
11:55:53 They don’t work hard to protect it, the right to vote. Anytime someone is changing it without your direct input as an individual.
11:56:06 Why wouldn’t you be upset. And I am I am completely.
11:56:12 It makes me confused why most individuals don’t understand why wrote voting legislation is so important and why does matter what your slave state legislators doing.
11:56:24 So, this is I think it’s a very timely episode and it’s unfortunate because what we’ve seen from the current political climate, which now includes the court system.
11:56:33 We’re not going to see very much justice for all. This season, are we
11:56:40 know it’s interesting, everything’s at risk.
11:56:45 We’ve worked hard allowed the system to get worked kind of into a corner so it’ll be, it’s going to be interesting. It’ll be interesting.
11:56:58 What’s that, let’s talk a little bit about what we shall remain mindful of.
11:57:03 So we just have some bullets here about again trying to stay little bit more strategic taking a step back, but there’s some telltale signs. You know when you should be skeptical certain things and whatnot.
11:57:18 And so we want to run down to some of them here is a bullet list so first item we have up on the offering is for people to be skeptical of the rise of any Daddy Knows Best or mama knows best I suppose totalitarianism through one party rule or any form
11:57:38 of King making or queen making right. These are playbooks that we’ve seen in China and Russia, and many other states like South America.
11:57:50 In some cases, they’ve, you know, they’ve got dictators propped up by Sham elections. So these are places that pretend to be a republic or look democratic or something like that because they put it on the outside of their wardrobe, but it hides all the
11:58:06 ugly scars under their clothes that they say don’t exist.
11:58:12 And it’s it’s painful because you can look like a republic.
11:58:17 But you may not smell or act like it and you still call yourself a republic and it’s a risk that we face, I mean all Republic space right because they’re supposed to be reflective of their people but when they become manipulated and commandeered, then
11:58:36 it just becomes a totalitarian state just like any other think the big problem is that, that becomes rife for conspiracy theories that’s why we’re there is because all of these pseudo Daddy Knows Best run through party.
11:58:51 I mean, you see it throughout our system in America, there’s just a good old boys system legacy. The university system that we’ve discussed on previous episodes and Hollywood itself.
11:59:05 Look at any star that’s in Hollywood right now and you can find a lineage back into old Hollywood, and that’s problematic. That’s why Hollywood has good messaging, but bad roots.
11:59:19 Wow, that’s great, you just you just ran the field there.
11:59:32 How’s good and it’s, it’s, and if we had more time I’m sure we could keep running field across industry, it’s finding all the raw. Goodness. But, you know, again back to being mindful at the extreme on the right wing in America, I’m going to call that
11:59:40 out.
11:59:42 But I don’t want to demagogue anyone in particular you you could wear whatever hat or no hat at all, and you can still be extreme, especially if you’re looking to return a republic, to some of it’s worse roots.
11:59:53 Okay This tree is got some parts we’ve left in the past for a reason. Unfortunately we didn’t bring the stories forward to remind us.
12:00:01 But we have to be careful.
12:00:04 We have to be careful the leaders minority rule.
12:00:07 And it’s interesting because some group of people are trying to come to power as a minority complaining about minority rules so this is, that’s a part of the misinformation campaign.
12:00:17 So keep an eye out for only I can fix it mentality or all that demagoguery, you know, it really shouldn’t be about ideas.
12:00:25 We know that that stuff, those concepts are in opposition to the plurality among us who are vying for a better way forward, equal representation equal taxation or fair taxation and a fair shot at fulfilling our purpose.
12:00:45 I mean, it’s pretty basic what most people really want at their core but there’s a lot of people are in it for other reasons
12:00:53 are going to jump on to my typical tenant here, and southern I believe that we do very well in our organization is that we follow rules, most of the American people the large majority of us follow rules we take our ethics training.
12:01:09 and we follow those rules, all the time. But why is it that at a certain level, they don’t. The next level the politicians I even have rules that we know about that we’re not supposed to give gifts to politicians, but there’s a different set of rules
12:01:25 when you reach a certain amount of wealth because what happens. Some of our citizens have just too much money that they know what to do with, and they start to use it to pull levers and either a takeaway the levers, so it’s boring to have that kind of
12:01:39 money or be you know structure a different we’re not saying that you can. We’re total capitals here, but there is a fairness issue at stake here right, we’re really dealing with people having money, that can weigh down a lever, your money should do nothing,
12:01:54 you should throw as much money at the levers, you can, and it’s oddly not moved by you, that’s an effective democracy to me.
12:02:04 Yeah, yeah, it’s a good point money in speech should not be equated a human can literally only provide so much speech, but some humans can provide. Apparently, almost limitless amount of money.
12:02:19 So that in itself is ridiculous and a foundation of rot in the system campaign finance.
12:02:26 Speaking of fairness and fairness in the system, you know, I think, taking a step back and using the term fairness is really important because it impacts our daily lives in all kinds of ways, from small details to Grand details or things you don’t even
12:02:42 notice. Right. And it’s really bad because without, without caring for fairness, there’s no way to have trust in institutions.
12:02:53 Generally, yes, some relationship there between fairness and trust right if you, if you feel like you have enough you feel like you’re taking care of then you trust in your institutions one way or another, a lot of dictators do it by just giving people
12:03:05 money, or subsidizing fuel or things like that, we don’t do that America.
12:03:10 We want to have more transparency and less manipulation.
12:03:15 At least that’s what we say we want, not necessarily the system we live in.
12:03:19 So in any case, fairness is important. We need to care for it and we’ve seen it work well on many occasions. And there are other systems around the world that provide us with more examples to borrow from not that we have to implement them exactly, but
12:03:34 we can learn from them and do our own thing.
12:03:38 The system we have today, you know, it’s still powered by the gyrations between the greedy, who can still get rich, relatively speaking and the poor who can still spend, and be above poverty and pursuit of happiness.
12:03:53 Happiness.
12:03:56 No homelessness, ignorance sickness or hunger need apply in the process of lifting oneself by their own bootstraps like.
12:04:05 Those are side effects of the system we’ve designed and implemented today.
12:04:09 It’s not fair.
12:04:12 What fairness, and I and I do go back to this often is that the systems originated from a large agrarian system, it’s evolved from feudalism, and there is no way to turn on a button right there was no way for the feudal lords, there was no way for the
12:04:30 founding fathers, there was no way for the Reagan’s to flip a switch and say while law, here’s the new economy, computers exists, people are typing in their bedrooms and generating productivity for the GDP like there was nobody knew this was going to
12:04:46 but it’s it what what what I can understand is that what this equals is freedom. This new digitized economy this new world equals freedom for everyone.
12:04:59 Everyone is no longer bound by the smoky office building and their politics and their and their city. You don’t have to be locked down freedom is more attainable, but it seems like everybody just wants to keep it away from you.
12:05:13 Right now is the time to, to create laws or rules to kind of lock you in, and the only power you actually have outside of the corporate boardroom is the vote.
12:05:24 And again, everyone’s not paying attention to it so I’ll get off that I promise I won’t mention the vote one more time. unless it’s in the script.
12:05:32 No, that’s, that’s the perfect way to bring it back to the whole topic that we’re talking about because you know we’re slipping around or slipping and dancing all over the floor here right from economics to everything else to freedom to being mindful
12:05:45 of authoritarianism but
12:05:49 that is the vote, I mean people, you know, we want to just think it’s filling in a punch hole in the ballot and putting it in a box, but that’s just some little physical moment in your life.
12:06:02 That happens, the infrastructure the thoughts the ideas the sacrifices that have gone into creating a system where that can even exist, like you said right coming out of an agrarian futile.
12:06:22 It’s pretty remarkable. And in today’s technology laden world how easy it is to subvert it, how easy it is to corrupt it with the unlimited amounts of money.
12:06:32 And then, the technology that does nothing but confuse people because what we decided not to educate the populace the harder to control.
12:06:39 Yeah, we can take their vote away more easily if they don’t understand what’s going on anymore.
12:06:45 They’ll give us plenty of reasons to take their votes away so anyway not to get conspiracy theory. I’m just saying. When you don’t educate people that’ll likely outcome.
12:06:53 Right.
12:06:54 I just have to say Mark I just have to say, I don’t know if we are allowed to say it, don’t I think forever We may say, Don’t Zuckerberg it okay right like when you have the world in the in your hands and you just throw it away with a nice insurrection
12:07:10 because you just were so irresponsible with your power. Don’t Zuckerberg it every citizen is right at risk of Zuckerberg getting their vote.
12:07:24 Yeah, we need. Last thing last point to be mindful before call to action is just to see ourselves, fellow citizens under our laws.
12:07:34 We need to see each other just simply as a, as fellow citizens under our lawns, that’s what we need to see in each other because we’re the only ones we’ve gotten this world.
12:07:46 All the other all the other systems are led by autocrats, and their bureaucratic handlers or, or it’s the European Union, which is a completely different flavor of dysfunction than what we have, that maybe will actually do an episode on that someday,
12:08:11 Ready for calls to action.
12:08:17 So, it’s, it’s not clear, we can count on the current Congress to be able to prevent the backward slide into our republic from the good old days were only a few can vote and own property.
12:08:35 Please do not allow your state representatives to steal your vote.
12:08:40 We’re going to put a link in the show notes to an article you can check out history, calm about how Electoral College electors are chosen. I know Electoral College sometimes gets a lot of focus, but I think what’s more important is the mechanism by which
12:08:56 you can lose your vote.
12:08:59 And so I think this article helps illustrate that a little bit, and just.
12:09:05 To cut a long story short, your state literary your state legislature can submit a vote on your behalf, without asking you, so check that out.
12:09:17 It’s really important. I’m glad you included this in the piece, especially because the states are the, the incubators of democracy folks, so also means it’s the incubators of evil.
12:09:32 If left alone.
12:09:34 Yeah.
12:09:37 Yeah, there’s all kinds of flavors that he states out here.
12:09:43 Next, we all need to be cognizant and vigilant to learn how to navigate any new processes for registering to vote.
12:09:51 And then also, casting your ballot.
12:09:54 We are not yet in a utopia where everybody gets in a male invalid. I need to look up how many states I know there’s only a handful of states that like in Washington I think Washington or Oregon you’re automatically signed up to vote and mailed a ballot,
12:10:10 as soon as you register to drive or get a driver’s license, you know, so it’s it’s neat to see that there are some states experimenting with making it easy to be a citizen and exercise your power, not the case in most states, especially with the latest
12:10:25 Supreme Court who’s opened everything back up to a free for all so states can go experiment on how to suppress you and keep you from voting over again, just like after the Civil War.
12:10:40 So make sure you do your part, learn what it takes right now to register and make sure you’re going to be able to vote, and I’m sorry because for some of you, it’s going to be very difficult, but it still makes it just as necessary or more necessary,
12:10:54 because it’s under threat.
12:10:56 We’re going to give you a link to rock the vote.org should be common hopefully familiar resource for everybody to figure out how to vote, where you live.
12:11:06 It’s, it’s voting regularly to you I know this is a big challenge like the midterms is coming up so I think it makes sense for us to say, you know, get please register now and vote in the upcoming election, the midterms are usually a time people take
12:11:20 a break. Don’t take a break on your rights.
12:11:26 Very well, I was gonna say bring your neighbor but honestly consult your laws.
12:11:32 Consult your laws before you try to do anything to help anybody else vote because I think in a lot of places that starting to become illegal.
12:11:41 And they’ll probably put you away and take away your right to vote. So be careful how you vote, I guess,
12:11:50 you know, just because of this whole topic, more than ever, it’s, it’s important to turn out in high numbers. So rate, also to the point of showing up, even in off cycles, you know, every election matters, every election counts.
12:12:04 And if you do if you show up every two years at least at least every two years. You know within 20 years you’ll build a habit, haha. Just kidding.
12:12:14 But seriously just don’t ever not do it and it will, you know, it’ll always, it’ll be something that you do, you will be a voter don’t know info and Don’t make excuses like it doesn’t count.
12:12:25 That’s not helpful that never helped anyone in this country.
12:12:31 So we’re going to turn out in high numbers, we need to be able to get people in Congress who are going to help us secure our rights to our vote, all of us, not just the wealthy.
12:12:40 We citizen do good citizens prerogative, we’ll be releasing a platform to help formalize the issues of paramount importance right now it’s in draft, and can be coming out soon as a mini series of podcast episodes, and we’ll probably have an accompanying
12:12:57 set of blog items to go with it, so stay tuned for that.
12:13:04 Last call to actions, be mindful of Congress I know I said they’re not likely to do anything right now but they’re still in negotiations they’ve got less than one year, they’ve got a year left to get something done.
12:13:15 And they’re still kicking around the idea of shoring up some aspects of our vote.
12:13:21 So keep your tuners tuned to that and let’s hope something good comes out of it. But regardless, I think we’re going to have to stay vigilant, because of the way the courts are leaning and everything else there’s going to be nothing but challenge after
12:13:35 challenge after challenge status quo is no more people are trying to win, new ground against our liberties.
12:13:52 Think that’s going to do it.
12:13:56 We have been your host, thank you to Mr. Raymond long Jr.
12:14:01 Thank you to Mr biscuit Tally. This truly has been well just for the people, again, we’ve done it once again we did not Zuckerberg, this one, for the people, for the paper, Paul, for us all.
12:14:18 It’s been something that’s for sure.
12:14:21 For information on this and other episodes head over to citizen do get calm and click on podcast. While you’re there, hit up the Contact Us page, and leave us a comment.
12:14:31 We’d love to hear from the community. Special thanks to you our listeners we saved the best for last. You are the best. You have been for years, we thank you for your support.









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