S2 E22 | Self-Rule for a New Day and a Little Crypto


E22 Self-Rule for a New Day and a Little Crypto

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self-rule and debate the state of our republic. Welcome to the Citizens Prerogative Podcast.

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • We are always looking for ways to provide more value to you. In response to listener feedback, we’re planning to provide bite-sized morsels (electronic timer controlled 30-minute dose) with more focus in each episode.
  • Topics for upcoming episodes are highlighted, with an eye towards future solutions that prove the American experiment a democratic success in the long run, not an authoritarian state:
    • Defund the Police will be up on the docket. We will explore its driving mission and the value of taking action to better serve our communities using our collective tax dollars.
    • A major source of power for all citizens is the vote and having representation in government. Our authority is being challenged in, unfortunate-to-say, precedented ways. We’ll have an episode regarding all the good a citizen can do in using and growing their political power.
    • An economy that works for all of us including the biosphere. After all, even if we go extinct from the Earth, it’ll go on. Spinning and spinning and spinning until the end of our sun or other cataclysms. Climate and the economy are inextricably linked and we need to get on with building markets and making investments in capabilities to manage this balancing act in true human style.
  • Finally, we survey the crypto world looking a little closer at recent developments in the ledger technology called the blockchain. It’s become clearer that there is value in this space and it might quickly become the infrastructure for decentralized global finance, something more peer-to-peer-like and less middle-men-like.


  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.

More info

  • If you’re looking for a timely documentary to help get you up to speed on the general state of cryptocurrencies and blockchain capabilities, MVP recommends Cryptopia. It is a follow-up to a prior film by the same maker. This one is a great survey of where we are with blockchain technology today and the roadmap for how it promises to supplant the current financial order maintained among nation-states after Bretton Woods.
  • There are a number of cryptocurrency exchanges for buying and selling all the flavors out there today, some provide interest for amounts you stake to make available for lending. Sound a little familiar, like how banks today lend on deposits. MVP is currently checking out Coinbase, Binance.US, and Kraken and hopes to write his findings to share with you all soon. Also, he’s only stumbled upon this after researching Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in relation to the art and sports fan trading segments. So more on that too!

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