S2 E38 | The Environment that Media Created


S2 E38 The Environment that Media Created

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • We put the spotlight back onto the media and the niche-filled mess that has proliferated among the feeds of our internet of things. As citizens in a freedom-loving republic, we need to be vigilant of our information diet.
  • Bias and creating an angle on any given piece of information in order to formulate a TV-ready story-bite is big business now. It always has been really, but now we also have to contend with a massive democratization of sources available to us through all the various platforms on our computers and phones. Not all sources are created equal although you may want to believe it, that does not make it right or true.
  • What is corruption in media? Planting and growing bias with the aim of creating profitable niches at the cost of truly relevant and valuable content. Also, media companies tend to be in the business of aiding and abetting political figures for the purposes of securing future gains or consideration. As old a practice as the art of propaganda. Be on guard.
  • Only you can have a balanced diet of information and understanding how to assess bias or angles like we need to understand food labels. Honestly, finding bias might even be more intuitive than reading nutrition labels.
  • You need to treat your media like a 7-layer nacho dip, a little perspective from each of all the layers to triangulate on the truth where the facts lay. Don’t only have one source of information.
  • Detect and know the bias or angle of the sources you use and select multiple sources in order to compare, somewhere between the lines is the relative truth of the matter. Every story has two sides or more!
  • Remember: All news is best served with a side of fact and facts are a dish best served cold. Stone cold truths are the most truthful of truths.
  • Calls to Action:
    • All of life is a soup. Keep your shields up, sample a lot with your sensors, and trust but verify anything you think is information. MVP loves his friends, even more, when they check his neuron misfirings. No one is right all of the time. We have to remain open to new information and to changes in understanding or perspective. 
    • Freedom of the press is a constitutional right and high-quality journalism is important, facts matter, and so does verifiable reality. Diversify your media intake and look for independent journalism to support. DIVERSITY CHALLENGE: Do not only consume sources that confirm your existing beliefs! You need to have a balanced information diet, so add in views from another side or perspective for every source you agree with.
    • Check your sources and find specific information using commands that are specific to your search engine. We have provided some helpful links below for resources on multiple engines:


  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.

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Citizens Prerogative Podcast Closed Caption Transcript
S2 E38 The Environment that Media Created

11:17:54 In times like these, being a citizen is a big job. Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self rule and debate the state of our republic.
11:18:03 Welcome to the citizens prerogative podcast. This is the voice of your nerdy host Michael biscuit Telly and we are blessed with a co host whose passion for our republic precedes him everywhere he goes, Raymond one Junior.
11:18:16 Yes, thank you, a media star on the rise, I’m assured.
11:18:22 So bright so bright. get your sunglasses.
11:18:26 Season Two that’s where we are. This is going to be episode number, 38, and the title for now is going to be the environment that media created.
11:18:38 I think we
11:18:42 are your your guy, you know what, Michael you’ve got a voice for radio, and I want to stress, that’s where it all started. Ladies and gentlemen, want to take you back and take you back in history, the early days, you know the radio had come out and really
11:18:54 connected Americans for purposes of talking about the war and entertainment etc. It was a powerful communication tool that probably made us free or stronger, more informed.
11:19:07 As time went on, this tool evolved and eventually we had the boob tube or the TV. So TV visual, for the first time in history, the central government if you will or media, if you will have the ability to invoke both audible and visual senses of people,
11:19:27 and this gave an amazing amount of control over the American psyche, and the American household. It was a portal of control, so much so that throughout the years we’ve had legislation which is very clear about what can and cannot be advertised within
11:19:46 TV, and that’s because this is a very powerful tool so I just wanted to remind everyone that this is a new thing, you know we’re only 100 years roughly into this new communication tool which is extremely powerful and does things, which was never intended
11:20:01 for our lizard brains we were never meant to have this level of connectivity to one thought one central nervous system being what media created. So I just wanted to give a little bit of a history tour that we’re now in the system that has always been
11:20:20 owned by a select few okay it was never mass own. Not till the internet came about. Has it been more accessible, and it’s been dangerous okay because we have misinformation everywhere.
11:20:32 So there’s good and bad with the power of these connection tools but please understand, the ones that have been doing it the longest are these media companies, and the environment we live in, and the misinformation we live in, was created by them.
11:20:50 That’s right and it’d be interesting to do you know the history on.
11:20:56 Maybe the money, or the families.
11:21:00 The lineages, the family familial lineages behind some of the oldest media empires that are still alive.
11:21:08 wielding that power, you know.
11:21:13 That’s always a tricky thing I’m just for the moment I’m kind of hung up on the recent Purdue pharma news and the family behind Purdue pharma and oxy cotton, and all that stuff right and that is just, I can’t wait to go back and dig into it because it’s
11:21:30 just a snapshot, it’s a picture of the, the big they, the big other or whatever that’s sometimes we refer to these, These families that have just had money for generations and you know their whole purpose is to make sure that that money continues until
11:21:46 the next generation and, you know, they have a very different set of human conditions that they suffer through then, then those who aren’t born into wealth.
11:21:58 Those of us who have to work for money, versus those who are wealthy who do not have to work for money so media’s media has got some similar contraptions and then you’ve got some, like you said, it’s more democratized than ever.
11:22:11 So we’ve got upstarts everywhere.
11:22:13 You mentioned heavy regulation because of the, you know, potential side effects are pitfalls of using media and an unchecked away.
11:22:25 It makes me wonder how much of those laws, still apply to productions solely over the internet.
11:22:33 You know the FTC Federal Trade Commission to more or less degrees still regulates the companies that own the internet.
11:22:43 But as far as responsibility to the content and regulating the producers of content over those channels i think is probably far less. Now, more like it was longer ago,
11:22:58 And it’ll be interesting to see once again if legislatures and Congress rise to the occasion of actually making sure that all of the good lessons we’ve learned from the past are paid forward to these new channels and mediums, especially because of the
11:23:13 risks that you outlaid Ray.
11:23:30 It misinformation that you know so much stuff is just available and you don’t know who’s just sitting in their apartment, you know, creating stuff versus an actual media company who’s done research, you know, has paid for sources or whatever, they all
11:23:33 kind of look the same.
11:23:34 Now, they’re getting their technologies there, and I don’t even want to talk about deep fakes that’s a whole nother ballgame but we’re going to zero in a little bit about, you know, some of the corruption, that’s, we did in, maybe has always been there,
11:24:02 I mean, everything but let’s be, Let’s be capitalist really quick Michael and honor those that came before us and invested the infrastructure to make this all happen because frankly, you know that’s one of the arguments for capitalism, and for these titans
11:24:16 of industry and such that you couldn’t have had this without company’s growing and consolidating and buying each other out and building the infrastructure we now enjoy this internet wouldn’t be here without massive legwork of Lang.
11:24:31 You know cables and pipelines of data that had already been established through those phone lines etc etc so I want to acknowledge that as a capitalist but I also want to say that, you know, eventually, you have to give up the goose, you know once you
11:24:46 discover it once it’s great and you’ve made your money. There’s a time when you move out of profitability and just sucking all the money out of it to making it more unilateral or available.
11:24:58 Something switches right, we start to pull back accessibility, instead of pushing accessibility wider and reducing the cost right, you just you just kind of stick with what you have, and raise the price.
11:25:10 Yeah, it all, you know it’s a decision about what kind of society. We want to have right, are we as society that pays forward into the public good for the betterment of our, you know system and into perpetuity.
11:25:24 And to show member. We used to compete we used to say hey look other countries. Look how great capitalism married to the Republic is in the United States because we can do all these amazing things.
11:25:37 You know back in the 50s or whatever I don’t know Pan Pacific exposition world fairs whatever was still going on.
11:25:50 And GE and all them couldn’t wait to just show off right the modern kitchen in the modern home. In the US, it was like, Oh, look what capitalism can do versus communism and many of the other systems that we compete with, we would say we’re a little distracted
11:26:00 today.
11:26:01 But yeah, it’s a good point, you know, it costs money.
11:26:05 People got their return on investment. And there is a public good, a really demonstrable public good, that can be evidence through having this level of connectivity and I hope that the next infrastructure bill gets passed and fully expands access to broadband
11:26:22 for all Americans.
11:26:25 It’s critical here here. I mean I’m just because we’re delivered via broadband but for the most part, but I the our speeches and I, I like that and you know what, it’s not changed.
11:26:36 For the most part, but I the our speeches and I, I like that and you know what, it’s not changed. You know, people are still saying the same thing about democracy.
11:26:48 Democracy they’re just saying like, Oh my God, look what democracy can do. So the tone has changed about how we see the right we just need to get it back to look with democracy can do instead of.
11:26:53 Look what democracy can do give too many people the right to know.
11:27:02 Yeah, and that’s because that’s a big difference we don’t talk about it much on this show, but you know there’s huge differences between how the countries in Europe and the UK run themselves versus us, even to this day, they do have representative forms
11:27:13 of governance, you could call themself a rule, and put terrorism aspects of it that are just very patriarchal very elite right like the House of Lords isn’t you know not elected, there’s a house of commons.
11:27:30 That’s who gets the light. Well, the whole idea of coalition governments like okay coalition government means that it’s a group of people, they’re like, we’re going to figure out how to rule, aside from the people’s will basically is what I hear, we’re
11:27:44 going to force the compromises that people don’t want to make.
11:27:48 That’s how you get austerity in representative systems. Anyway, we digress back to media so maybe I can segue us already back on track here.
11:28:00 One of our will get the calls to action later but one of the big things here, we’re going to be painting is like, get a sense of how corruption seeds certain things in the systems that you participate in or that you’re privy to because corruption is rampant
11:28:15 today and just about everything we’ve made it legal in all kinds of systems including politics but especially the media world and the fact that you know FCC regulations are FCC, I might have said FTC earlier that’s trade, I meant Communications Commission
11:28:32 FCC may or may not, you know, becoming to bear in the same ways that it may be was intended to.
11:28:40 So, we need to be cognizant we need to be on the lookout we need to be aware of what the biases are or the angles are that our news sources, or our sources of information, take, you know, it’s, we’re in the era of niches niches everywhere.
11:28:59 Right. Anybody is trying to carve out some space or that they can get some attention.
11:29:07 So facts are relative.
11:29:13 It seems these days. You got to do your best to figure out what the most likely set of truths are for any given set of facts.
11:29:23 But it’s you know it’s something that is honestly a skill. And so we just have to be cognizant it’s okay to eat bias okay to consume bias. You just need to know what it is it’s okay to eat fast food once in a very blue moon for your body.
11:29:38 I’m saying, but you know, you need to know that’s what you’re doing right you need to know the cause and the effect. And so, the same thing is true for information.
11:29:48 The quality of the information you ingest has a bearing on the quality of how you think and are able to think.
11:29:56 And so it’s important to be open. Right. It’s important to try and be loyal to the facts as much as possible, so that you can understand the truth as they are on the ground.
11:30:09 And, you know, there’s multiple truths right and I’ve talked about it in prior episodes where, you know, we live our own truth.
11:30:16 And somewhere in between our truths, the facts exist right we have to agree.
11:30:21 You know stone is a stone, there are just some areas of commonality that have to exist in order for us to function as a society, much less a republic.
11:30:31 they’re all truthful or factual. So it’s up to us to figure out you know what we’re putting into our diet into our media diet, and these companies all the companies and itchiness or otherwise.
11:30:48 Right now they’re just trying to make money, make money to make more content to make more money.
11:30:55 So, I have a little aside here about loyalty.
11:31:00 You know, loyalty to the Republic and the constitution for which it stands, and.
11:31:09 And we have to have loyalty to that over any individual any set of ideals, right, immediate done correctly done right.
11:31:16 Should criticize, with the aim of making a more perfect union. Not a corrupt one media companies if they start advocating for one political sphere or another political sphere, then you need to make sure you categorize them as like a political operative
11:31:32 a lobbyist, you know, and they have a specific set of biases so you have to take their air quote facts or their truth. Know what shade, it is, and compare it to something that has an opposite shade bias or angle.
11:31:48 I hate to ask this of everybody but it’s actually the responsibility we have to ourselves, to have any idea of what’s real or truthful outside of our personal experience.
11:32:00 So to take others word for things. We need to test that word we need to maybe trust it. But of course always verify it.
11:32:08 And the only way we can verify it is by pitting competitors against each other and seeing what they’re saying about the same thing. If they’re even talking about the same thing.
11:32:17 Today it’s a challenge. Today it’s a challenge to find two, you know, equally opposite Lee weighted organizations talking about the exact same thing anymore.
11:32:28 They avoid doing that they’re trying to own their niches. So, we have to be more vigilant than ever.
11:32:37 As you consume media.
11:32:40 Think of it as a being depth.
11:32:44 Seven layer, being, you know, just take off the top layer right you scoop deep, you get into this stuff you like sometimes there’s that freaky layer of, you know, guacamole that I don’t like you know i just don’t go that deep, you know, so I just, I think
11:33:00 that when it comes to consuming media, the big mistake people make is they like, oh I found my guy or gal, or my source right and that’s not how the world ever should have worked.
11:33:11 That’s not how you run your life right you don’t talk to one person and and go run and make a decision, I hope.
11:33:19 Yeah, or just, you know, parents that information, you know, they call that bias confirmation right where we stop with who agrees with us, we only talk with who agrees with us.
11:33:29 We have a patriotic solemn duty to not do that, not create tunnel vision for ourselves to survey, you know, like that’s the freedom of speech, that’s the freedom of speech you have like you have every right to ask someone their opinion, and they can say
11:33:44 that’s none of your business and you can say, well, you have your own freedoms to what a wonderful country we live in, and then you dance off.
11:33:52 Hope so. Maybe skip skipping is fun I don’t see enough of that anymore. Yeah Why can’t you disagree and skip. that’s what the problem is, like, the senators and the End The End The legislators they need to, they need to disagree and then skip together
11:34:16 they’ll be much happier. And also, we won’t have to worry about age limits because skipping will take care of everything.
11:34:18 Come on that had a lot of thoughts that are just going to stay in my mind while we hear a message from our sponsor,
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11:35:49 You know, at our sponsor citizen do good they have a saying.
11:35:54 And that is that all news is best served with a side of facts and facts or a dish best served cold.
11:36:06 And when I, when I think about that, it makes sense to me because we’re so quick to take a fact and run with it like I got it right I got it, I got it no like facts and analysts, you know, analyzing something you’re supposed to set it to the side, compare
11:36:21 it with other things right, it should take time, like, I like that saying because the idea is that facts are served cold because you have to give time to sleep on it.
11:36:31 Like if you get it right hot off the press and then you share it, and that’s the problem with media like that, or sorry, current social media that that instant gratification of the share right, nobody takes the time to let it cool down and and really
11:36:44 bit and really understand and frankly digest the information.
11:36:50 Now that’s like that phrase to us good one. Thank you, best serve cold, because if it’s hot, it’s volatile. Right, it’s volatile it’s still figuring itself out.
11:37:03 The flavors not quite settled or fully emerged into the meal into the facts.
11:37:12 And that also lies a truth, towards facts and that they are not necessarily immutable. It depends on what it’s about. And I know we hate nuance but there’s nothing but nuance in life.
11:37:29 The fact about Iraq is probably one of the coldest facts out there unless we come up with a new way of dating rocks. I mean, you know, figuring out when they came into existence but you think about, we can all agree, or on certain aspects of a rock, other
11:37:45 than how old it is.
11:37:47 But the easily observable things that we can see with our naked eye and feel with our hands. Those are, that is a cold dish. That is about is called the dishes you can get.
11:37:58 Now, if you consider that, you know, there’s facts about Iraq, versus the facts we just learned yesterday.
11:38:07 Yesterday’s fact is very hot right.
11:38:10 Yeah, I’d like to see somebody come into a general conversation and try to introduce rocks is an interesting fact like did you know rocks are hard, and there are different types of rocks and you know everyone at the table would stop and say, oh my goodness
11:38:25 I think even far leaning rights supporters would be like, my goodness, this is known.
11:38:33 Who is this city.
11:38:35 Wow, we have some slow people in the family. Yeah, go throw rocks, is the same for a reason.
11:38:43 And so is hot off the press.
11:38:47 And many of the words that have been hot off the press have been flat out wrong, and respect to all the geologists out there of course I am not digging anything I the profession I’m sure your dinner tables rocks are all the rage.
11:39:05 I would hope so.
11:39:07 And there I mean, I’m not going to nerd out on it I can nerd out on any topic.
11:39:17 Um, yeah so let’s just say that it’s worth repeating, if that’s an action item I think it is a good one for everyone all news is best served with a side of facts facts or a dish best served cold.
11:39:30 And I love the food analogy because of how much we’ve harped on the quality of your food in knowing what it is. Honestly, I don’t care what your personal choices are for what you eat, just as long as you are cognitively aware of the consequences of eating
11:39:48 whatever you’re eating. And, yeah, I mean I like are you like McDonald’s, I like it, I like McDonald’s, you like Fox News equally damaging and enjoyable in their own ways.
11:40:05 And so you need to make sure that when you consume media for the purpose of enjoying that that you don’t eat too much.
11:40:13 And you know that you’re just it’s just ice cream, you know, there’s no material nutrition in in that ice cream but it’s still enjoyable it’s still lights up some area of your brain, you know it’s Tickle, tickle something you want to be true even if it’s
11:40:28 not and you know it.
11:40:32 I don’t I’m not going to say we shouldn’t have the free will and agency to indulge in those things, but it’s, it’s very dangerous when you wake up, you know when you’re feeling really lethargic because that’s all you’ve been doing is eating ice cream
11:40:46 and you probably are disillusioned, you probably aren’t happier, as a person, eating ice cream all the time.
11:40:53 You’re probably pretty pissed off about things all the time so have a balanced diet, don’t you know, just don’t only feed your devil, you gotta feed your angel to give your angel a chance.
11:41:06 And that doesn’t mean eating. That doesn’t mean if you’re binging on vanilla you go eat chocolate. Okay.
11:41:13 Not at all. I got like that’s the wrong balance.
11:41:16 So that’s that’s the wrong galaxy right like it is you you’ve got it that’s, that’s like saying you just watch a different pundit or you watch a different an anchor on a source right.
11:41:28 These are companies their corporations out there. All of these major corporations have their interests baked into what they’re giving you. And you’ve just got to learn to tell the difference and, and as we go along.
11:41:41 We’re going to work to try to tell the difference and we’re going to share that with you and right now there is, there is a huge challenge out there but it’s obvious, more than ever, and here’s the thing here’s the kicker right.
11:41:52 All of them have a hidden agenda right now there’s there’s very few that are not. I think that’s human nature right Mike can you get away from not baking in your own bias is, is it so it’s up to you as an individual to filter bias effective way.
11:42:06 I may be, it always comes down to who your messages intended for. So as humans as individuals, when we talk to our boss versus our best friend of 30 years.
11:42:18 We are using a very different voice we’re using a very different filter it, that is just a function of life and so there are biases built into all those communications between your inside jokes and your whatever conditioning, you have to interact with
11:42:32 your boss.
11:42:34 He can’t get around it. And so just know it’s a it’s a soup we’re in a soup. It’s a mess.
11:42:41 And you have to, you know, figure out the parts and bits you want and don’t want and, and the effects of those things at the same time.
11:42:48 So be cognizant of your mind and body like if if watching something stresses you out all the time. Stop it, watch something else, do the opposite. Go, go watch a nature show or go for a walk in nature or something.
11:43:01 Yeah, but there’s some more concrete things you can do too, but I don’t want to cut you off. No, I was cutting you off that’s what I was doing, is it’s, I just, I just I just, I think it’s the call to action is, is it’s not black and white.
11:43:20 And I think that’s tough is that people really want to file it away checkbox it away and I think that for most things in our lives, that’s easy to do, but there’s no functionality and things that are outside of your control, which includes politics the
11:43:36 news the general public and what’s going on in the world right now that’s affecting us and that we’re letting affect our families, friends and our relationships, the media put this environment here, they generated it, because they want us to not talk
11:43:49 to each other. They want us to stay hooked in for that red meat. So the media has created a its own self perpetuating system where you’re not going to talk to your family because they just happen to be watching the wrong news channel now Right, so they’ve
11:44:05 created a dedicated advertisement source, a dedicated revenue generator, and they doubled their profits because they got you two against each other. So this family that could have spend time talking to each other, being growing the family raising a village
11:44:31 What a powerful message Dre, especially because those are just ideas that came through the tube.
11:44:38 You know, bringing it back to the opening about the history of this thing.
11:44:43 The signals that come out of that box are powerful
11:44:48 in ways that divide us through our families, and not to say that everybody’s family is perfect and maybe you already had points of disagreement.
11:44:58 But the environment, like you said really makes it difficult for us to try and come together.
11:45:06 And so that’s that’s going to be our challenge I mean a, you know, have greater awareness around these things and be trying to reach through it through the fog and try and like give one another the benefit of the doubt or, you know, focus on what we have
11:45:22 in common.
11:45:23 I think is really important because the soup isn’t any isn’t that different format where it’s ever been.
11:45:32 And the only way we’ve ever come through these things is by coming together.
11:45:38 Finding together, what’s in common, right, you’re right. And I know we’re running out of time so we’ve got to wrap this one up. And I want to call to action.
11:45:48 So we have very little we can do freedom of the press is a constitutional right and I don’t want their rights taken away like I don’t want my rights taken away.
11:45:56 So, in regards to write more fights speech with more speech, that’s more speech right and but what also is that there’s very little that can be done outside of you as it as a consumer, don’t, if you’re not reliant or primary with them if you start to
11:46:12 diversify your palate and you find better products, you should do that you wouldn’t buy a car that breaks down as soon as you go out of the lot right because every night you’re being lied to in some of these major media outlets, or they’re just they’re
11:46:29 just pumping you up on something that’s false, like we talked about in our last episode. So, when you when it comes down to the media and what they’re feeding you, it’s just understanding that and saying, you know what, I’m not going to go to McDonald’s
11:46:44 every night. I’m going to I’m going to cook at home more often. I’m going to do my own research. I’m going to go to a different type of restaurant What about something in the, What about something independent.
11:46:57 What about something independent. There is a plethora of information out there now that’s the beautiful thing about free speech and America, and the United States is that availability information.
11:47:06 so it’s not a republic.
11:47:08 If you can keep it right, it’s, it’s your sanity it’s your it’s your mental fortitude. In regards to the media environment that’s attacking you, because media has an agenda.
11:47:19 And so you have to be beside media and look at media and understand it not be a slave to it without better words Mike so all kind of throw it at you to wrap us up.
11:47:33 Yeah, no, that’s a great mindfulness point you know be the observer.
11:47:38 Don’t be you know you’re not your thoughts, don’t be their thoughts.
11:47:42 Be the observer of all these things okay and then you pick you know you select the things you can verify are facts and accept those into your, you know model, until something changes and we have to be open to change, we always have to be open to change
11:47:58 and learning, what’s new, because everything we talked about and everything we described was created for us by us as humans, and so it’s always going to change our perception of it, or the reality of it.
11:48:10 That’s the nature of life. And, you know, Mark Twain, or I have an episode coming up on Mark Twain because we find him quite inspirational as an American.
11:48:22 I think he was attributed to the quote Don’t let education getting the way of learning.
11:48:27 And we will behoove you don’t let your education get in the way of learning. Okay, you need to just keep expanding your mind what was learned in the past, is probably not standing the test of time some of those things are volatiles they’re not cold stone
11:48:42 hard facts.
11:48:44 So be open to that and then if you can, one last call to action will be something very material and nerdy and boring. If you use Google or Yahoo or whatever.
11:48:59 Being whatever the search engines are as of late any search engine you use comes with an operating manual.
11:49:14 It has a set of operators, little codes and switches that you can put into your searches to make them more powerful. Yeah, we recently posted something on our Facebook page, with a short list of shortcuts for Google specifically, but all of the search
11:49:24 engines have this and so if you search in the search engine for the operators you know whatever being operators for searching, and you’ll get a set of commands that you can string together in there and it’ll help you, in many ways, those tools will help
11:49:39 you isolate things that are closer to facts or help you identify where bias may be, if you’re so inclined into digging in and taking a little bit more command control over what you find on the internet, you can use the browser as a tool.
11:50:01 With these keywords and with these operators, so I highly recommend you explore those a little bit start playing with just one or two, and see how that goes.
11:50:10 let us know if you have any questions or you want something covered more detail on that.
11:50:18 With that, I think that’s gonna call it a wrap.
11:50:22 We’ve been your host, thank you to Mr. Raymond long Jr.
11:50:28 And thank you, Mr Prescott Valley. it’s truly been over 30 minutes.
11:50:36 It’s been something that’s for sure.
11:50:37 For information on this and other episodes head over to citizen do get calm and click on podcast. While you’re there, and up our Contact Us page and leave a comment, we’d love to hear from the community.








“May knowledge show the way” image by Serge Shop.


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