The Citizen Do Good Mission

Our Mission Is Clear

  • Inspire civic awe & purpose.
  • Confront with candor & respect.
  • Promote the value of critical thought.
  • Share the message about our mission.

“A republic if you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin, we think

Mission Statement

Our mission is to spark an intrinsic love for self-rule and to renormalize caring for the common good.
Citizen Do Good and its supporters are chiefly concerned with the goals outlined below.

Inspire civic awe & purpose

Inspiring our fellow Americans to get awed with the system we have and for what it could be. This requires us to make ourselves learn and engage with our experiment in self-governance. And in order for that to happen, we must continue to improve ourselves and how we think. Our mission is clear.

Mitt Romney made the following remark on CNN in early 2022 in regard to Ukraine defending itself from authoritarian aggression by the latest Russian czar.
“In the history of the world, authoritarianism has been the default setting and to have freedom, it requires people to stand up and protect it.”
The framers of our republic were very concerned with preserving their wealth. Their answer to fulfill that goal was to create a system where they could be free from a king from a faraway land.
Thankfully for those of us today, not all the framers were greedy. In fact, some of them were high-minded enough to imbed strategic leverage in favor of human civilization over time. Getting from there to an embedded promise fulfilled is the long arch of history we are on. We need to learn and remind ourselves of this history to avoid repeating the worse of it.
Our system and our people continue to change over time. It is being tempered like steel. The true promise is at the core. The purpose of our republic here in its own words, may we learn to head them:
“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.“

Confront with candor & respect

Confronting difficult conversations on topics affecting our lives and society at large.

This includes our shared full and rich history in the Americas. A history that features everyone. From the first peoples that settled this land to the manifested destiny from sea to shining sea. The tale of how slavery was a poison pill left uncured since the Constitution was written. How much wealth and struggle occurred between the lower and upper classes. The types of economic systems employed to maintain such an order. By lower class, I mean slaves and laborers. By upper class, I mean industrial, plantation, and capital titans of the times. Among these classes, we must tell of cultural contributions from many waves of immigration.
The current concrete jungle is where the capitalist machine reins in history up to today. Albeit, likely to be supplanted by an ever-encroaching web 3.0 global community. Let us not forget about teaching the effects of implementing globalization without human rights while we’re on this list.
The story must tell the people and, more importantly, the cultural tales all along the way. Stories of how we the people keep on a slow and grueling march towards justice based on the common good.
We the people are on that march toward forming a more perfect union. We the people demand full recognition of our inalienable rights. We the people demand the freedom to access those rights. May they no longer be exclusive to the rich and powerful because sharing still means caring.

Promote the value of critical thought

Promoting the value of critical thought includes skills and techniques for thinking well. Some of these are how to use credible challenges in your line of questioning. How to present cogent on-topic arguments. And how to keep things aimed at building a more perfect union in the process. Our mission Is clear. 

We have a republic if we can keep it. Knowledge is the key to keeping a system that is intended to be for and by the people. The people must have knowledge in order to have a choice on freedom.
Our whole Constitution, and the system which sprang forth, was forged using the principles of reason, logic, and law. They were a group of elites inspired by the philosophies, failures, and triumphs of our ancient ancestors to form a more perfect union. A grand experiment to build a land where humans could have the chance to live free using the power of self-rule.
We see in each citizen the possibility of standing on the shoulders of their ancestors. Many will do this to push forward against the boundaries of free thought and speech. Not only for those now but for our posterity as well. If we are not so bold, then at least save the chance and the choice for those to come next.
Above a college degree, above a wealth of returns, and beyond the power of prayer, is one’s own mind. The thoughts one is free to conjure are the most powerful tool of all. The mind, when fed with new knowledge, will grow to navigate well in modern society.
Every citizen needs to be properly equipped with the tools of our trade: reason and logic.
After all, each of us carries with us in our skull, a brain that is singularly more powerful than any other single computer on Earth. We must all learn how to harness it to think well – to think skillfully. We do that by using the tools that logic and ancient wisdom offer us.
We aim to highlight this and offer opportunities to learn more. Beyond that, we aim to join you in practicing the fine art of making sense of this fallacy-riddled world.

Share the message about our mission

Make sure people find out about Citizen Do Good and its mission.

We are getting the word out by creating content and providing a forum for citizen engagement. We aim to enable access to resources for bettering oneself and the nation. Our mission is clear.
Currently, this platform is growing content and an audience for our blog and our inaugural podcast Citizens Prerogative. We have also recently expanded into the metaverse as well. Right now our only public presence is in the Multiverse where we host exhibits and interactive forums. This is a VR experience – a headset is required.
Don’t worry, there is more metaverse work and other media features on our to-do list. Stay subscribed to our podcast and join our newsletter to hear about the latest projects and adventures we’re cooking up.
We are new, small, and full of mighty ideas. Let us know if there are any ways you might be interested in helping us spread the good word about civic love and the power of change for us all.
Working together, we can help make ours a more perfect union tomorrow, than it was yesterday.
The team here at Citizen Do Good invites you to come along and join us on this mission. It will be good for us all.
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Michael V. Piscitelli

Michael V. Piscitelli (MVP) is a Citizen Do Good contributor and editor. His other roles include host, producer, and editor for the Citizens Prerogative podcast. He is keenly interested in all things self-help, self-rule, and science-related. A budding Stoic philosopher, he will continue to share his journey with the community at large. In the words of Spock, live long and prosper.

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