S1 E10 | Small Business, the Lifeblood of American Capitalism


S1 E10 Small Business, the Lifeblood of American Capitalism

Thank you for joining us to celebrate the virtues of self-rule and debate the state of our republic. Welcome to the Citizens Prerogative Podcast.

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • Small business is a key to helping America thrive again.
  • Install a dang floor in this drafty economy!
  • Silly Citizens, wealth is for capitalists! Except if it were democratized…


  • Michael V. Piscitelli
  • Raymond Wong Jr.

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  • Insightful content supporting this episode inspired by a Nation.com article titled, “Why the Left Should Ally With Small Business” By Stacy Mitchell and Susan R. Holmberg; November 18, 2020.
  • Business creation, ownership, operation, and growth are a lot to manage and it is understandable why only some people are attracted to this calling for a lot of reasons. It is important for those who choose this pursuit, to have a level playing field and a fair chance to play the game.
  • We all win when the capitalist economy is sustainable and strong and a fair set of rules is being enforced, better yet followed (idealistic indeed). We also win when there is fair, abundant, and diverse competition at local and national levels.
  • If running a business is not your calling, then you should not have to participate to such a degree or at all. Tradespeople, artisans, mystics, philosophers, and servants of the common good shall have the freedom to invest in their craft with only the most tenuous connections to the capital system.

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