S3 E54 | P4: In Service of Our Nation

S3 E54 P4: In Service of Our Nation

Discussion topics in this episode:

  • This represents part 4 of the Five-Point Plan introduced in episode 50.
  • What it means to be in service of our nation and the recognition that this also means we are acting in service to one another and our posterity in turn. No small feat.
  • Re-establish our sense of community on a grander scale with things like a civil service core and public works administration.
  • A service core for public works program would aim to maintain an active pipeline of people and small business contracts to accomplish the following:
    • Actively combat climate change
    • Contribute to infrastructure projects
    • Cover shortages in healthcare
    • Provide training for entry into new trades
    • Create public works
    • Respond to disasters
  • These programs would provide opportunities for training and experience. Plus, a reinvigorated sense of national pride in doing good works and instilling a sense of connectedness and shared identity.
  • Foster the development of new fully supportive programs for people reintegrating back into society. Meet people where they are as they return from:
    • Military service
    • Incarceration
    • Supportive housing
    •  Recovery and treatment programs
  • All of these scenarios require their own solutions for helping people establish a new life. Much like the doughnut economy, we need to think full circle in support of our citizens’ human needs and enable each other to walk our path.
  • Calls to Action:
    • Consider how you or your children and our society might be benefited from such civil service programs.
    • Find out ways to get involved in your community. Join or create your own community service project today.
    • With food prices and contaminants on the rise – you may consider starting with a community garden or participating in one near you. These can help cut the cost of fresh produce and know exactly where some of your food comes from.
    • Smile at a neighbor and say hello. Then try to practice it more regularly.







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